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  1. "Downloaded data is corrupted" since restarting warframe for this update... thanks DE! :/ Can this be fixed?
  2. Oh well.. I think this thread should now conclude because as per Steve, prime alt helmet in mesa prime wont change and wont be farmable and we shouldn't expect this to change (Even though i was taking side to change it but it looks like there might not be a good solution after all and also as the deadline for prime accessories is today. they wont be able to make change as well). It was nice having discussion here. I will meet you all in some other thread. Sayonara for now! :)
  3. From my perspective, we need to give DE various options on how to tackle this. My suggestion might not be optimal or might be incorrect but providing various options from us the community would certainly help DE to resolve the issue.. Also as DE has shown quick responses to feedback. they would be certainly happy with a positive solution that caters all three stakeholders(mesa prime accessories buyers, rest who do not want the usual alt helmet implementation to change due to prime variant and DE) Also I think that regarding other primes and their skin, that should be transferred to another topic. Here we should only be discussing on resolving the current mesa prime accessories concerns So my fellow tenno! any good suggestions?
  4. I am not sure how this is illegal (maybe i am ignorant or does not have enough knowledge about it so any information regarding this would really help my knowledge).... Well another approach can be to remove helmets... and do the same process as i mentioned and done.. (this will decrease the initial sale of prime accessories but will increase the sales at the end)
  5. That what my second point said.. show the syandana and take feedback from community(especially from the ones who bought mesa prime accessories pack). To add another point. tell the community that they are working on syandana while mesa prime accessories are available and does the whole process(that i mentioned earlier) while mesa prime accessories thing is live.. this would give time for those players who wanted syandana to get chance to buy.. giving DE more sales (This would make DE happy too) This would be a peaceful way of handling this issue
  6. I have an idea for DE ... 1) For now sell prime accessories with alt helmet 2) Create a syandana which reflects cowboy style more and show the community and ask feedback about the syandana (or maybe cowboy scarf). 3) If everybody likes the syandana, then only those people who bought mesa prime accessories will get the syandana and that alt helmet will become farmable for higher level content Simple! It would resolve the issue with players who bought accessories pack as they would be getting exclusive cool looking syandana for buying accessories pack and would also keep the tradition of alt helmets been farmable!
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