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  1. Today I bought Primed Animal Instinct from Baro, and i went to my Liset, excited to fuse my new primed mod. Only, when I got there, I had a very difficult time finding it. Because despite it being equippable on both [Robotic] AND [Beast] type companions, it didn't show up in EITHER filter. This led me to wonder if other, similarly usable mods behaved similarly. I was surprised to discover that the Link Health, Armor, and Shields mods, as well as Animal Instinct's original version, were all nowhere to be found in these filter menus, despite being applicable to both. I haven't gone through and looked up what mods are usable by [All Companions], but these should be found in these menus, imo. This makes me wonder what *other* mods that have multiple or special uses are flying under my radar that i just didn't notice I picked up. Because while I knew that I had this mod in particular, there might be mods I don't know I've acquired, and sifting through ALL of my mods (which is the only place any of the mods i've listed are shown) is a bit excessive for someone with a mod collection as robust as mine.
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