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  1. In some recent update the Lato Vandal BP I had in my inventory stopped showing up in the foundry. I haven't been able to build it because I have never been able to get the receiver to drop, but I have had the BP for a long time taunting me in the foundry. Please fix the foundry so the Lato Vandal BP shows up again.
  2. Closing or restarting my phone didn’t help. I reinstalled, and when I first started the app after reinstalling it worked. When I logged into Xbox the News page refreshed and the app crashed. Seems like PC news is fixed but Xbox news is not.
  3. Same for me - haven’t been able to get the mobile app to load past the swipe right screen since before the Dev stream last Friday. I’ve tried re-installing and restarting multiple times, but the same thing occurs.
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