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  1. Nekros, Trinity, GG. There is no variation its always the same c....p. They need to make us play other warframes because the enemies should get either elemental resistance or damage. But noooo.... linear game is linear.
  2. You guys are asking for too much ...
  3. You have no idea what you are talking about . We have Elite weaponry, tell the noobs to play Arbitrations...
  4. I have wasted 2 hours of my life trying to get the game to detect the 40 Waves defense and the 60 minutes survival with a friend or clanmate... LOL! FFFFFFF::::
  5. So there are second chances now (?) Incredible. First the melee is downgraded, now Arbitrations is set for a newbie level. We are nothing. But at least we have more time to play with our selves as we just need to press one key and let the game play it self. ...
  6. I just died... Valkyr's 4th Ability completely overriden by AIM GLIDE, Arbitrations 150+ Levels good bye reward. DEFU.SE---
  7. Valkyr, my fave Warframe has its 4th ability broken, anything that aim glides keeps it on but switches to any other gun rather than Melee. Also, dropping an object by accident happens a lot with this new system. DE... Roll back the changes please, we didn't ask for this, increase the features, DO NOT downgrade it.
  8. Hello, My very first post and I hope my howl is heard from the distance. Melee was one of my fave things in this game, the chance to have a blade, claws, etc. made me feel powerful. But now all this changed with the latest update. I can't say much about this game overall since I have just started playing this game a couple months ago and I just logged 1800 hours. But that was all I needed to fall in love with many of the features of this fast phased action game. I used to feel my barehands holding my Skiajati with Ash Prime (thanks for it, I got it in the Dev Stream) blocking projectiles and using channeling as I wanted and needed. The powerful feeling of having claws with the Venka Prime on the best of all Warframes, Valkyr. But now I must complain about the things this update has done to my gameplay. I know as I have read the "Agreement" that "DE reserves to change any aspect of the game without notice or consent of the players" in other words "This is your game and you can do whatever you want with it and we will need to adapt to it or just stop playing it". For my luck in the past when I got that message I was just complaining about the "Operator Suits" which I paid for something cool and it ended looking like a satellite in an update which was rapidly rolled back. But now it all goes to Melee. My Constructive Topic about Melee. It feels wrong not to have the option to block manually. At the Dojo we used to do a lot of Melee trainning and now it all has gone to an auto block that works when it feels like it. ANUAL BLOCKING must RETURN. Switching to a Melee gun requieres us to press the Melee attack key, making it feel like Melee is not needed anymore, its there like when we need an extra weapon to attack with rather than the elegance of having it unsheathed. The F key... MELEE must RETURN. Channeling, something feels wrong about it, I can't fit four functions in a three buttons mouse and the game will not allow me to set Melee Channel and Secondary Fire in different buttons. Say I cannot use Channeling as it used to be because it overrides any of the following "Fire Weapon", "Aim Weapon" and "Secondary Fire" so even if I try to make it feel like in the past it still tells me that either of the before is not bond and it cannot go. I don't know what was wrong with the old set up but I think... CHANNELING must RETURN to where it was. Air Drop, amazing, except when the game confuses my actions to wall attack and air dash into an air drop and makes me fall into oblivion or completely miss my target. Air Drop must STAY but it should be reworked in the way its used, it could be set to HOLD and AIM and then RELEASE. I'm pretty sure the Melee, Blocking and Channeling options could have stayed, it didn't bothered anyone and having the quick melee and full melee splitted helped a lot with the various player styles. Remember not everyone goes around shooting guns as not everyone goes around whipping while sliding *cough cough Maiming Strike*. Some of us like to feel the game in a different way, using our Melee weapons with more precision, aiming right, dashing right, air dropping like a bad. ass... as said in the radio and of course more damage while channeling and the skills of a true swordman by blocking, even if it wasn't a real blocking at all it did saved me a couple of times. When I first heard about Melee 3.0 I thought it was going to be something more like a true melee combat, crossing blades, the need to block to be safe, having to fight more enemies that used that kind of weapons, enabling more combos and stances, improving damage as the combos were executed at the right time and speed. But I didn't thought it was going to remove features. I would love to see it more pulished, the Melee style didn't feel outdated or wrong as it was, but like I might have said it feels like having a blade now feels like its not there at all. Now the game aims more into guns rather than Melee. Some might say I'm right in some points, others might say I might be wrong but I had my style and all I loved from this game is lost, at least for the Phase 1 of the update. Quicker and all in one does not means quality or smooth, specially when features are left aside, holding my F key now goes to nothing... there is nothing left for me... The new warframe (Rhino's Girlfriend) feels like it belongs from another game... but maybe that's the reason of the update... who knows... Edit : I haven't noticed one thing, if you are about to CHARGE your Melee attack and you by accident press the aim button it switches to the gun... this feature should be locked as its being charged. Edit II : Void Blast gone needed to rebind... Edit III : *Heavenly Choirs* The Best this Update has given us... the chance to keep playing while others can extract without affecting the match ❤️ Thank you DE. Edit IV : *Passes out in seizure* Trading..... Trraaaa..... I can select all I want without having to go back to the menu ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Kind Regards Developers, thank you for this great game... !!!
  9. I feel your pain... the dojo will never be the same.
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