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  1. This might be mission, as I found this out on Pavlov, but I don't think so. Basically if you are running on one of Ivara's dashwires over a patch of ice, or over the ground that a thumper type death orb is effecting, you will still be slowed or knocked down. Note, this even happens if your dashwire is not anchored in the effected areas
  2. (PS4)NemitheNem

    Nyx & Titania Dev Workshop

    I do not like how psychic bolts is time limited--corrosive and shattering impact are forever after all. Titania needs higher base energy, but I do like the proposed changes to tribute. However, the buff should be random instead of tied to enemy types. Percentage of time left on a buff should be subtracted from the chance to get that buff in next cast. This way titania can rack up all her buffs without having to hunt down the right enemy
  3. (PS4)NemitheNem

    Tentacle Swarm is a Useless Gimmick

    Maybe tap to change modes? Like with Khora and Venari.
  4. I feel like giving the full Parkour set to the Tenno would interfere with Void dash stuff. But maybe something like in Chimera, only allowing us to mark the locations we want to dash towards? Also an automatic thing where if we do our pitiful Tenno jump against something tall we will scramble up it.
  5. (PS4)NemitheNem

    Tentacle Swarm is a Useless Gimmick

    Just let tentacles transmit damage.
  6. (PS4)NemitheNem

    New gear wheel kinda sucks

    I don't like it because my items 'move' due to spiralling. I wish instead of a spiral they did links in a chain, so you have one wheel, then you could click and get another one, and so on. That way I could organize my stuff.
  7. It would be nice if they switched Arbitrations over to the 5 wave format from ten, but every other wave had a different loot table that had amber stars in it. Sorta... Amber Star - Standard Arbitration Reward - Amber Star etc.
  8. Yeah, Octavia is a caster DPS. But it stores damage and pulses it out, that's why it scales.
  9. (PS4)NemitheNem

    Spellbind: Eliminate the rag doll/floating

    Honestly my biggest problem with her 3 is the range. Titania, despite being a caster and squishy, doesn't have high base energy. Narrow minded is a great and almost necessary mod on her. It nerfs the frack out of Lantern though, because of the attraction and razorfly range. Also, despite the 0-G effect, they are surprisingly hard to bat down a hallway or towards people, it gets annoying when you want to use them as a bomb
  10. (PS4)NemitheNem

    Missing/Disappearing Items as of update

    I lost two Nitian Extracts a few nights ago, a friend said he was certain he had Rhino Prime Parts, and a clan member said some things were missing from their inventory. EDIT: Going forward please note if the items lost were earned before or after the update. My Nitian were earned after the update.
  11. Octavia's first is reactive. It doesn't do anything but provide aggro distraction and noise for her 4 unless enemies hit it--and no, you can't use self damage weapons on it. Limbos, when I played him, were actively discouraged by their allies from using their whole suite, specifically, their 1 and especially their 3 because of the banishing mechanic. You get Limbos who will basically rely on their passive and their 1, using their 4 and 2 only when things get hairy. You get ones with various kinds of bubbles. And you get ones with big range and high duration. You gotta change your playstyle for each limbo style and you don't know ahead of time what kind they are. Name other warframes where you got to do that. When I'm playing a heavy caster-damage frame, especially a squishy one, I love Limbo, Banish me, I type, and I can spam my abilities slightly faster. When I got a run and gun frame out he doesn't bother me too much. But some abilities are reactive, and some are conditional, and as fitting to a mathematician, he changes the conditions. I don't think the solution is a nerf, or an ability tweak--both have the possibility to make Limbo either OP or unplayable. But rather, when the idea of combo attacks come back to DE's list, Cataclysm has to be first in line.
  12. Most of these don't have the sheer range of Limbo. Frost? The globes can come down, from both damage and Frost casting one too many. But are basically safe spaces for you to shoot from assuming enemies don't enter. It also doesn't constantly shrink. Gara? Gara's a neat frame, but her walls are imperfect, and an offensive weapon. Again, they break. I run a max range Khora, you know? Range/Duration. My dome is pretty big, but not huge and up for ~40 seconds. It's basically a shooting gallery for my allies. But it can't catch everything so the Octavia in the team can also have their mallet draw agro, or their 3 for buffs. Nidus - Khora is a bad mix because her ult gets in the way of his core mechanic. These other abilities have smaller range, smaller effect, and are far far more 'stable.' The solution isn't a nerf, it might be a slight rework. But no, the solution, I think, is for the cataclysm to be at the top of the list for combo attacks when they are launched.
  13. (PS4)NemitheNem

    Koppra Hood without Purchase

    With no mask/hood equipped and the setting set to hood down, switching between Koppra and Manduka hoods resulted in Manduka not showing up when 'equipped' and Koppra still visually present. You can then cancel out of the appearance menus and have Koppra on your operator without purchase. My number of masks is as such that the two hoods were parallel to each other I managed to duplicate the error, and afterwards I left the glitch in place in hopes that it would be examinable and exited Warframe
  14. (PS4)NemitheNem

    Titania QoL tweak, No(?) Archwing engine rewrite

    ...And? Praise the Void! (And don't I feel like an idiot) ...but I remain suspicious, because of how long development can take, for all we know it might happen with Railjack, which is a ways off.
  15. While in Titania's Razorwing mode you don't have a regular vacuum ability, amongst other problems. However these can only be fixed if they completely rewrite the archwing engine. So I propose a work around: Give Titania a no damage, no energy consumption version of Itzal's cosmic crush while in Razorwing mode. Tap to activate, hold to cancel out of Razorwing. Cosmic Crush already pulls lighter/smaller objects more than heavier ones, or at least seems to, so making a small weak version may be doable.