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  1. We have to respect how DE wants the game to be bite sized, but I have an idea. A spy map spawns, with the vaults and such, maybe even more than 3. Every so often, say using the timer on life support modules, a console goes live--not a vault, just a regular one. There's a way point to where it is, or the area there of--maybe you can hack consoles to narrow down where it is the same way caches work if you take too long. Once you hack the proper console it starts up again. After doing this 3-4 times a vault goes live, data uploaded to a secure terminal, and you can steal from it. Rinse repeat. If you are detected/detected too often then everything goes into lockdown and you can't get into the vaults any more and have to extract. Maybe sometimes an enemy can be carrying a key.
  2. I only have Fluctus, but perhaps someone else can test other weapons. In any case, when I use the Navigator on the Fluctus projectile it coasts along but then stops after a few seconds, disappearing far earlier than it would if I had not used Navigator. I think I may have observed this behaviour before on other weapons as it felt somewhat familiar, but none so obvious.
  3. Sound FX are important, especially if you have headphones, they guide you to things they give you a sense of the area. Gunfire too, you can hear the enemy shooting at something before you see it. The problem is that Warframe also has Voice Chat, and your own gunfire, especially if you're spray and pray like me, can get really really loud. But the only way to control it is by turning down the sound FX or master control. So I think a a gunfire sound control, at least for your own weapon, would be wonderful
  4. Rakta Dark Dagger with Covert Lethality
  5. For Titania I used to go Forest Fairy route and went Green-Brown-Gold. For a while I went for verdigris scheme--Copper in all of it's shades, mostly focusing on the tarnished colors. My Nova Prime is Black-Blue-Green-Gold, darker blue and green mind, to work with the fade effect on Nova Prime, the gold are her metalic bits. Like the others said, it really depends on the frame-my standard colors are White-Red-Gold, but it wouldn't work on Nova Prime because of her shading. If you have the Ki'teer color pack I'd play with that, Greens and coppers and bronzes.
  6. I agree. How about a way to incentivize staying in the squad even if you go down?
  7. The only change they need is an option to make her shield less visible, or else make it move with the camera without lag, or something, because it makes me motion sick
  8. ...Huh, okay, we might have found a PS4 glitch. Because for my friends and I Fang Prime does notably better when we use it with Inaros than with anyone else, so we assumed kit bonus.
  9. Fang Prime is weak, an argument can even be made that base Fang is better than the Prime variant. Fang Prime is part of Inaros' kit, but Inaros is an assassination frame. Therefore, Fang Prime should have the special passive that you can put Covert Lethality on it
  10. I'd put in plast comparisons, like the Raplak is kinda opticor like, right? Or was it kinda Arca Plasmor like? Drat I forget. I go 123 personally, the 1 has good range for when the Eidolon takes a dumb turn and is out of range of my flak blast, it's also pretty solid on the blooms
  11. I used to main Trinity for Hunts, now I switch between her and Volt. For your energy question, it's Zenurik's Energizing Dash and Arcane Nullifiers (you can get them from the Teralyst) at R1 and R2, at least. The Nullifiers prevent Mag Procs so you don't loose your energy, the dash gives you a bubble that regens energy. Chroma needs energy to be useful, so until you get those you can't run him in a hunt. I never played with Rhino but it's a Roar build to buff your own damage. So, Here's my Trinity Advice, since she's really easy to use, but more involved. Trinity you build for duration and a bit of power--Her blessing damage reduction maxes out at 75%, which you only need 150% strength for. Having efficiency is also nice. Use narrow minded--Blessing uses affinity range so it doesn't hurt the ability. You want it to last at least 20 seconds and in my opinion, constantly up. (Adaptation is changing the name of the game, however) Your job is to make sure everyone doesn't die too often and to keep the lures alive. Because your job is to keep the lures alive, you should be the one to go and get them. Use an Itzal (preferably) to zip around the map and the stealth ability to stop so you can get off your shot. Lures can be bad at spawning, you have to be pretty close to them sometimes. Right out the gate go left to twin horn, there's usually one there, keep going to the next camp just past it, and one spawns there too. From there follow the line of small camps to the big middle camp, each one has a chance of spawning a lure. Finally go to the camp that's right on the water's edge and that always spawns one in my experience. You need 2 lures for the first, and then 3 and 3. If you're doing a tridolon you want to get 3, 4, 3, at least. So you have a lure charged up for the next one. I personally prefer to be right around the Eidolon's feet--the lures get in the way of shots, so it keeps them out of the way, and I run a 123 amp, so my alt fire is very short range
  12. Just like it says in the title, I mine something and I get the image, but no name. This started happening after I had corrupted save data, and my friend who had the same thing happen to her also suffers from this glitch
  13. Try activating your artemis bow again. Something like that happens to me in Fortuna with K drives, tranq rifles and my kit in general
  14. Ah, but what kind of fish is the peram good at spearing--I think it's the scaley kind, or the smooth kind? It used to say with the older wheels, all items including bair. Full item description just like when you're making them, or buying them in Fortuna's case An older style picture than the last gearwheel we had, but here:
  15. I have clear, though possibly mistaken, memories of there being tool tips/item descriptions in the right hand pane when selecting items in the Gear Wheel. Very useful for spears and bait types. I would like it back, if at all possible, because I am still making spear mistakes.
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