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  1. rr Dr e w e rrrtryerrrrr error rer rwe rrrrrrRT rrreererr e retry r4rer religions errrerrrrrrrre
  2. Because you are in the rift and they aren't, so you can't hit them, meanwhile abilities can't effect them so they can freely hit you. There is a reason why I bail if I see a limbo in my arby squad.
  3. But it's called simaris console decoration, not a decorative simaris consol. I can see where confusion occured and it has happened to others. In game decoration is something that you can place and may or may not be interactable.
  4. What about on the half way point between rewards you still had an oppertunity to extract, and maybe minor rewards as well? At first I though sustain stars, but then I though, ooh, what about regular mission drops?
  5. Infested are my favorite to fight in arbitrations though? No stupidly a sling armor meaning that you need at least 3 people running corrosive projection and coaction drift if you plan to go for a long time. No effing nullufiers
  6. I said that excavation arbys are the most popular because of speed, so I suggested that in arbitration survivals we should get a time bonus for high life support. The dude is fixated on how I said excavation a are the most popular.
  7. So, DE is undoubtedly aware, excavations are by far the most popular arby, because you can make the rewards go faster--good play is rewarded. I propose that something be implimented for arbitration survival, keeping your Life support up makes the clock tick down faster. Or going over 100% flat out subtractes time from the timer.
  8. So when there is a mission type where there is more information on the left, like an exterminate, the transmission boxes show up in the same location as always instead of being bumped downwards.
  9. Yes! Because I hate normal Mirage's uh, thigh shells and I really like the drapey things the prime has in the back, and just having more options for coloring it would be so cool!
  10. So, art seemed like the best place for this feedback. Tennogen has some requirements in the shapes of the skins on the body, which is why outside of feyarch skin Oberon will always have a hump. Right? And I get it, I really do. But what about giving Tenno access to deluxe skin models so there's more shape variety? To not cut into income, make owning the deluxe skin a requirement to use the skins.
  11. Oh yeah! It is good, but it could be great! See, it's not clear from that but it is not a team effort. If your team wins 20 to 10 and you did two of the kills, you get 52 pearls. This is an incentive for 'helping' and avoiding said help, and potentially getting angry when you are 'helped.' In a standard pub match I can grab maybe 11 kills. Solo I can get double. If I am doing it for the grind why bother in pubs? When I play with clannies I kite the enemies around a rock so they are all lined up and get faces full of water. But that play is not rewarding for me, pearl-wise.
  12. Every kill someone else gets is a kill you cannot get, and thus one more pearl you don't get. This encourages kill-stealing amongst other things. Assisting allies is a gamble in a zero-sum game. Thus I would like to propose two tweaks. Firstly, when an enemy goes down everyone who did damage to them gets a pearl. This eliminates kill-stealing; instead putting an enemy out of their fun is doing everyone who participated in getting you that kill a solid. Secondly, a sort of micro affinity range of pearl earning, like 5 meters. It would only happen around people who damaged the enemy in the last 2 seconds. This makes kiting enemies rewarding, and rewards people who dive in to help--even if they don't do damage they are still drawing fire. To be clear, these don't 'stack,' it is still one pearl per kill.
  13. Sorry, that's still Limbo Prime. I once had a guy who went into the rift and walked a meter away, and then back
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