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  1. Still viable. Okay, big changes with new melee: Combos are no longer about timing. There are 5 basic combos now: Helicoptering Neutal Forward Guarding Neutral Guarding Forward With forward and neutral being your directed movement. Sometimes you can get a different effect by going to the side or backwards, like you'll get the first attack in a chain and nothing else. Heavy attacks are what happens when you hold down the attack button, a slower harder hitting attack. Using it currently uses up your combo stack. Combo counter now goes up to 12, so thing that use combo counter for buffs are really powerful. So it's Blood rush and Weeping wounds builds, usually. But gladiator mods are excellent as well. Condition Overload is very important because now all melees have a 'free' status they can cause called lifted. Basically enemies start floating a little sometimes and take extra damage, and said status counts for Condition Overload. If one has weeping wounds the equation is usually: Crit mod(s)+Beskerer=Faster attack. Faster attack=faster combo build=massive Status from weeping wounds. If your weapon has 10% status to start with you'll have a very respectable 58% at 12x multiplier without any other mods. Because there's no status based equivalent for Beserker crit is the primary initial focus for weapons.
  2. I need to rebuild the akarius to test this. However, cyanex alt fire flies right through as well. Further supporting the thought it is a cyanex only issue is that I cannot equip skins on the cyanex
  3. It seems like all other guns with travel time work with the bubble, especially if they have unique bullets. Even catchmoon gets pulled into the curve. But Cyanex rounds are not effected. Is this intended?
  4. TL; DR make our theme colors apply universally, including mod menus. Let us customize some UI colors (Icons, HP/Shields). Give us a UI toggle for turning on Banshee's sonar outline effect constantly. DE has a good track record with this as far as I am aware. I heard about a legally blind Tenno managing to MR 28 with Inaros and the help of his clan. But I think, and hope, we can do better. I have a friend and he needs help with lots of stuff in Warframe because he's red-green colorblind. (As in both colors are gray scale to him) Trying to help him really opened my eyes to how much information WF conveys with colors. For instance, he can't see at a glance if modding made which numbers improve or decrease--he actually has to read them. We partially solved this problem using legacy colors in the UI customization, so he can link his mod configurations click, and compare. This would be much easier if the colors were already in the modding menu. And his health is a gray bar, on a gray background, he can see shields well--until he gets over shields at least. And where is extraction? It's a gray mark on gray background--we help out by dropping way points for him. If he could make the marker blue, his HP white, things would be so much easier. Grineer tiles are very grey to him, and it is hard to tell if the toxin pits are pits or ground because it is all the same color. And just forget the new veil anomoly--is that a wall or is it an opening. We have him using Oberon because hallowed ground gives him both wall and elevation indication. But in many ways the brief outline effect from Sonar was better because it worked to indicate walls, elevation, and small slide holes. Since the game obvious has the ease of doing this, being able to have it on in all situations would be a major boon for him and other vision impaired individuals.
  5. I like the overlap. Like how archwing gets buffed in some intrinsic skills. It makes sense, these skills are INTRINSIC to us. To that end I think DE needs to take a broader view. Why can someone with higher promoting boost when someone without the skill cannot? It is the same shop after all. Void shenanigans, we are boosting with our funky void powers. So it should apply to all of our transportation, K-Drive, Archwing, etc. Give us lead indicators when aiming with all of our weapons! (It might actually smoke -spread on mods worth it...)
  6. How about an augment that pulls enemies in when they are on the border? So they don't constantly get unfrozen.
  7. Not going to touch the skills given themselves, save that I agree on many of the points of things applying unevenly, needing more intrinsic a trees, underwhelming higher tier skills. We get more benefit from generalizing than we do from specializing. To that end I think higher levels should enhance lower levels skills. That isn't to say that higher levels should all be replaced for samey skills. But rather some buffs provided by skills should tie to skill level.
  8. More control would be nice if we're stuck with the ripline. Like, being able to at least pull something to us, vs past us. (Or us past it.) Maybe a hold vs tap difference? That way we can at least have us and our target reeled together instead of mad flinging about.
  9. Also the long knockdown/ragdolling that can happen when you get knocked off your hover board. But holy void that ninja like recovery transitions described sound awesome.
  10. Octavia of the infinetly scaling damage? Ivara is not a multi target dps frame and so is comparing apples and jellyfish. Lifted counts for condition overload and prevents the enemies from the bs not being stunned.
  11. Agreed, esp given the max range vauban technique. I suspect it's to keep people from out of bounding via the drop in vent, which used to be a bit of a problem.
  12. The lighting in the left side of the back room (from the entrance point) utterly erases/destroys textures on the agkani stone. The details are still visible on the side in shadow, however.
  13. Forget the size. Dry docks themselves are glitched. So, knowing the thing was going to be five floors I prepared. In the back end of my dojo I built an elevator going down And then another one. And the a cross intersection. And then on the left hand fork I built down. And then down again. I built five hekin floors and built clearance on floor 3 to make sure the elevators couldn't get in the way. And it wouldn't fit. It however randomly fits off a inspiration hall near the observatory and spawned facing the same way the observatory did.
  14. Might also be on other platforms? But I can only speak for PS4 So, with a fast weapon you are yapping attack as fast as possible, but every now and then a heavy attack comes out.
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