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  1. Its abilities in my experience. As Gara my shatter shield does nothing.
  2. I'm PS4, we don't have that unless we put down waypoints, and that's a recent development
  3. Honestly? I don't get how people don't find and use the customization system on their own. Yeah, it took me a few months to really get the handle on it instead of dinking around with low level mods instead of knowing TRUE POWER, but it came to me in time. But then, I had to explain to someone what an aura mod did, and yeah. /shakes head It was obvious to me, stances added capacity to my weapon, and hey, my warframe has two slots that are basically in the same place, do you think if I could put something there I'd get added capacity? And low and behold I did. Anyways, I'm actually super happy about mastery stuff, the fact it forced me into other weapons let me find other stuff I liked and worked better for me, doing Eidolons and farming the Raptor for Ember has made me better with snipers, Orb mother has made me a bit better at watching my health
  4. I want more things that mix straight hair and braided/dreaded hair. There's this one with straight bangs and then two sets of heavy coils/dreads in ponytails in the back over shaved skull. If it was dreads over long hair I'd be all over it. Also, I think some of the newer straight hair looks like it's matting with the new hair textures. And I prefer the older neater version which look like very well done and maintained locs while the newer ones look unmaintained
  5. Honestly, how about just an open and easily visible sign about who's the host? So people know they can't leave without troubling people
  6. Also, mining can be really, super, luck dependant. I feel like Dailies should be a mix of incidentals and a bit out side our comfort zone but doable. For example, killing Eximus was incidental, while Sanctuary Onslaught was outside most comfort zones, either because newbies or because we've moved onto ESO. However, both are skill dependant. I don't have an issue with the fish thing, mostly because if you bait they will come.
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