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  1. I just can't get enough of him. Even if he was just in the background I want to hear his hamminess again.
  2. Honestly, if it was a blast puncture weapon it'd be more viable. My change to the akarius would be that, faster reload time, and a changed passive--increased movement speed while it is out, or else just being able to shoot it while running.
  3. So, hunting can be hard and my aim can be bad. So I took Baruk out for a spin. He worked great! Don't have to aim, but I do have to be careful about timing and not being seen. Maybe I'll go with a friend being Octavia or Ivara next time. Problem is that the birds don't fall when they are hit by lull, they just collapse mid air and I have to fly up to capture them.
  4. I like the idea of being able to drift with the slide button while using match rush, which was mentioned on. Page 2 or 3. Gauss is interesting. I play him as a melee frame, dash in, murder, dash to another group, murder, rince repeat. I basically never use his 3 or 4 because I they feel useless, though is suspect I could mod the 3 into something fun. Augment for his 1 could be like that focus ability that drags enemies with you. 2 is basically fine as is. 3 needs a rework badly. As toxin procs keep killing me as Gauss while helping farm his weapons, maybe the heat could act like rapid resilience? It 'burns off' status effects. 4 needs an all round buff. Passive feels bleh. On to the weapons: I was meh on the idea of the acceltra and hyped for the akarius. I was like, ooh, straffing runs with homing rockets! In practice it's the reverse. The acceltra is splash soma. Yes, bad ammo economy, that's what vigilante supplies is for. Down side is to make a good build you're going to be lucky if you can fit one element on. Also the fall off feels off. The akarius is... Combining the pox with the cyanex and making it bad. It's impact and blast status weapon. Putting a ton of multi shot on looks cool, but in practice it only homes in on one enemy, if that, and is not useful.
  5. So, I have these weapons and i've been playing with them a bit and I'd like to share my thoughts. First off, their shared passive is fun, encourages run and gun game play, and actually feels meaningful reduction in reload time. However, it feels... Off? Odd? That the weapons of the running man make you slow down to use them. I was expecting some hit and run fun with the weapons. Maybe an added passive with Gauss? (he's still building for me, so I don't know if this already exists, sorry if it does, good job!) Onwards! The acceltra, really fun weapon, even when the damage is lacking because of armor it still has use because it can push the enemies back. It's almost a pity that it isn't a status weapon because then it could be an interesting cc weapon. But why does it have damage fall off? Or rather, why do the projectiles behave as they do? So, the acceltra behaves as if the bolts are carrying mini warheads, in which case their should be no fall off, because it's not as if the payload would be used up in travel. Something like fall off hit damage while the explosion remains uneffected would make more sense. However! The description is that the acceltra is a rocket launcher! In which case it can make sense that the payload is used up in travel time. But then... Why don't the rockets speed up once they activate? Now, the akarius. It, uh. Silent, burst fire, homing, status weapon. This isn't a bad thing! Kit guns are king of damage in secondaries, so it's good that it's not competing. And homing is good, it will give it a place with melee 3.0 esp with the passive. But for homing status it is competing with the cyanex, and so looses due to fire rate, damage, and amount of enemies that can be hit--even if akarius seems to have better homing. As a silent status it looses damage wise to the pox, though it wins in range. It kinda feels like pistol kunai, tbh. Less arc due to gravity, more forgiving in aim. And it explodes, which is nice--but I am not certain if that is silent yet. The problem is how and why do we use silent weapons? We use it in stealth, but when we do its to kill the enemies or hit sensors. Anything for use against enemies basically fails of it doesn't kill, because the enemy is alerted. Maybe a build could be made to irradiate enemies? We also use status for both condition overload and to strip protections--mostly armor. So, uh, high damage is needed, or the ability to layer it on--but the guns have really bad ammo economy. It feels like a jack of all trades but master of none.
  6. Once you get into mid game and beyond the neo relics really really start piling up. So more Neo fissures, please? Both in maps and available at a time.
  7. How about they thread in nose rewards? Where capitals are arbitration and lower case are regular node rewards: aAaBbCcCcCc So there's more opertunities to extract, and more useful drops.
  8. I want to buy the pretty blue bowls too! Or, what about operator cosmetic options? Since most of his hawking is about people's faces. Like some actual dramatic eyeshadow instead of just the bit of liner we have. Two toned lip color? Gradient or that classic Asian style of just the center of the lips painted? Maybe spruce up our markings too! Or full facial makeup so we can go around with blue skin. Or worse, become true demons via being actual clowns. Ok, no, that idea is bad, because some idiots would do black face.
  9. What about instead of stacking alternate things occured to the procs? Like instead of more damage the time extened? Which would give viral prices a thing to do. Or make viral could spread?
  10. Players were forced to take out the shard we didn't put in, making it so we could not put in all 4. IE: 3 players out in their shard, the 4th player goes to put in theirs but instead it removes one. This also happened with just 2 shards in. This bug did not seem to effect all players equally, but the host was effected. It was fixed by removing all shards and yeeting ourselves into the lake.
  11. Ammo already drops in normal missions. Honestly, it's the animation for the gun that's the biggest issue for me, takes too long to switch and locks us into place. I like this, it's a good way of giveing us the feeling of biggatons without having to deal with bigger numbers. Just give us an armor/shield divisor/pierce effect in normal missions. Stuff like the velocitus would have a higher one than other weapons.
  12. What making a limited always available bounty? Basically, once per Cetus day you can cue up special bounties in a night time instance of the plains. You can't stack them, unless you go day bounty-natural night bounties-day bounty. Get your fishing done, practice Eidolon hunts, just no taxis. Because it is only a single instance it will be much less toxic than normal Eidolon hunts, because you can't even do a 2x3, you leave and it's day, period. The idea is kinda a smash together of both the current event (limited tickets into a mission) and well, orb mother (special instances of the open world)
  13. Thoughts on incentivising given how underwhelming it is: Make the zealots be more likely to spawn both in the invasion a and even more so in the zealot derelict. This makes sense in theme and gets scanners and other farmers out there. Replace the mini boss in saboutage with a jordas-jug. Or give the mini bosses pasted on infestation bits. Theme and sense. Buff the reward to 2k standing on non endless missions, either by likelihood of friends dropping in or flat reward. 1.5k is just underwhelming for 4 missions. People can barely be bothered to do 10 for 4.5k standing. Buff it, make it juicy. In endless keep it the same or drop it down slightly of friend-standing goes into the calculation. Reward extra standing with rotations, probably 50, 50, 150, 250. Possibly, possibly, make the rotations for extra standing double length like arbitrations, but keep normal rewards on normal rotation. The idea behind this suggestion is basically the same calculus that goes into kuva missions and not wanting survival to be too good in comparison to floods. The two previous suggestions offer options to appease both kinds of farmers, the ones who want speed, and the ones who hate loading screens.
  14. (PS4)NemitheNem

    Kick System

    How about a 'leave behind' option? You have a good experience with a random squad, some seriously good synergy with one person. You cue up the next mission, you and two others jump to accept... And the third seems afk
  15. Oh there's a reason for that. It used to be that when you deposited points the enemies would go up. Per deposit, not per point. Putting in 2 points individually would result in stronger enemies than one deposit of 2 points. This has changed recently to just be time based but not everyone has caught on yet. There's also the overflow problem--if you need 10 more points and you put in 30, you don't get the 20 point overflow as credit in the next match.
  16. This is lovely! But there are hard of hearing players in console. Maybe an item? Bp drops in jupiter, uses, idk, banshee/octavia parts to craft a stack of them?
  17. I had just been thinking of this last night. it really is a shame because DR puts so much work into the sound effects and making every weapon feel unique. Indeed, it helps with game play! Knowing the general direction of your team by the sound of weapons, gauging danger by the speed of the bfg's retort, it's great! But the fact remains, I can't use the sobek, it actually hurts my ears. Swinging glaive prime around for too long starts to hurt too. But I have a friend who likes the sharper sounds and can't stand the lower sounds like from the boar/boar prime. I came up with a few options that could work for both people with my problem and with their's. A toggle to 'flatten out' or 'sharpen' the sound--maybe via slowing or speeding it up? Or by changing the pitch. It really depends on how sounds are rendered in the game. A volume control like we have for Octavia. Ideally for each weapon but I'd take what I can get. Sound packs, the same way we have animation packs.
  18. Amp load outs are, for some reason, tied to appearance loadouts. Which in turn change some things but not others about your operator apperance.
  19. When a ps4 player buys, say, a Tennogen skin, 1/3 of the real money value goes to the Tenno, 1/3 goes to DE, and 1/3 to Sony. On X-box replace Sony with Microsoft. Meanwhile on PC they don't use plat for that, they use real money for deluxe and tennogen stuff. It's why we can't use discounts on bundles like that, or Tennogen.
  20. I am down for a discount--probably not 100% though, if you already own things from the in house bundle. As in no tennogen bundles. However I suspect that the bundles have a set price because some of it goes to Sony and the rest to DE, same with the skins. So discounts would come out of DE's pocket. However, what about a reimbursement of rolling Nightwave credits? Why not plat? Because I figure that plat purchases have real cash value that is split between DE and Sony while Nightwave doesn't. So special Nightwave credits that you can use with any Nightwave would limit purchases to things DE is willing to let us have for 'free' and not interefere with revenue. (or lots of dukats?) If it was plat, even untraceable plat, that would be a loss for DE. This way DE keeps their full income and we have a currency to spend on at least some plat items. Like potatoes, or aura mods we could then trade for plat.
  21. Ah! And I just had an idea. "Door theming." So like in the polychrome you can pick a 'skin' for the door and/or the blocked off area around it, and choose a color. So, like, 'rock' skin can be ice if you color them white, or obsidian if you make it black. And other skins too, like grass, or leaves, and such. DE keeps the no go zone, but we can blend.
  22. Nah. Look, Tenno can't die, we're horrible void demons. That's why even the gustrag don't kill us, they just make it so it's harder for us to kill them. So syndicate death squads are a strongly worded letter.
  23. Oh no, clipping through is great for creativity. I am just thinking maybe there is a technical reason for the no decoration zone? Possibly because the door is a moving part. Yes, ideally, no restrictions, but if neccissary?
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