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  1. I get that Venari isn't classified as a companion, but I wish she could walk and lay around the ship like other Kavat/Kubrow companions.
  2. Not sure where to put this exactly, it's more like an AI issue, but mission subforum seems most suitable I think. Anyways, during Railjack missions, companions seem to always just wander right into the fire or electrical hazard while trying to use Omni to fix. I main Khora with Venari, plus my Smeeta Kavat, so it probably effects me more than most people I'd imagine. Honestly, I wish they wouldn't follow me around the Railjack so much. I kinda wish they would just chill unless there's a boarding party to take care of real quick. Sometimes they will stand on top of me and clipping through me when I'm piloting too.
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