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  1. I concur. And Khora should have Exalted Whip.
  2. And hopefully trust that other Tenno will actually tag spoilers on all of their potentially spoiling threads.
  3. Saw a few that I felt were incorrect, one for sure was Wraith Twin Vipers. Arsenal shows it as max rank, profile equipment screen shows it as currently being rank 27. This could possibly be a UI bug and it is not properly displaying the correct information. Others were Lex and Lato, showing as 26 and 13, respectively. I have neither weapon currently as I must have used them to upgrade to Aklex and Aklato and I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have upgraded until I was done leveling. Honestly I don't remember, I would just have to get them again and test it to be certain, but the Vipers are defini
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