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  1. I disagree with the Mesa part but agree with the Chroma part. If you take the DPS ability/exalted ability away from a DPS frame, of course they are gonna be a boring weapon platform dude
  2. Mesa's #3 provides her a lot of damage resistance, and with Adaptation, her tankiness gets to absurd levels. Just don't get melee'd or walk into a nully bubble. Her #2 is a small buff to allies and a nice CC. You can cast it and (while every enemy stares at their gun all confused) clear the room. Mesa's #4 is her strongest ability but that doesn't mean her other abilities aren't good. On the other hand, Chroma really relies on his #3, and a bit on his #2. I'd argue that Chroma is one of the worst designed frames, as he basically only has 2 viable abilities. I mean, his 2 viable abilities are incredibly strong and invaluable buffs, but that doesn't detract from the fact that his #1 and #4 are literally hot garbage and can't even tickle low-level enemies to death half the time
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