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  1. MrMrs

    Warframe Builder

    Nezha's reaping chakram isn't appearing even if I check PvP mods
  2. MrMrs

    Warframe Builder

    Oh ok thx dude it’s working now 🙂
  3. MrMrs

    Warframe Builder

    I don't know why but mesa's waltz isn't popping up.
  4. Fodder enemies can one shot me in sorties. Why is that not a problem, yet doing that with a weapon is bad? Also this mod comes with a severe limitation. Only frames that can open enemies to finishers can make use of this mod. On top of that, finishers are one of the slowest ways to kill an enemy in the game. It takes a long time to perform finishers and can only boosted by 105% if channeling and 85% if not. This takes up 3 mod slots better used on other mods.
  5. Ah that clarifies things even more, ty!
  6. I mean I get that she's talking about cloud walker but I don't get why everyone thinks it's an augment. Shut up wukong is a national treasure (edit: nvm DeMonkey explained to me why everyone thinks it's gonna be an augment.)
  7. I don't recall her saying that there would be an augment for it, did I miss something? I mean it's likely that it might be an augment but come on we gotta be more hopeful than that.
  8. You know what this means... *CAPITALIZATION INTENSIFIES*
  9. Banned for having 26,000+ reputation.
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