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  1. *suggests raising prime warframe MR crafting requirements* *Player explains why the prime vault/access makes this idea not functional* *tells player that his explanation is irrelevant to the post* ok troll try harder with better bait next time
  2. Lmao that sounds pretty epic but if I had to take a guess it would probably involve flash accelerant+fireball frenzy+every imaginable strength mod+madurai maybe? http://warframe-builder.com/s/6f692ec0a8953eb8 << (definitely overboard). Possibly something like that but if it was made back in 2015 to end up looking something more like this >> http://warframe-builder.com/s/87b275b4b42a4411 this. You can obviously go insane with fireball and replace some mods to make it more "modernized" The thing is though is the 40k is from the accelerant+charge+contact+blast+proc. So it's not like you're doing 40k out of the gate.
  3. Zephyr actually does her jobs good. Comparing warframes to other warframes in this game isn't really ideal becaue then Saryn would be the best nuker Inaros or Rhino would be the best tank Nekros would be the best farmer Etc., Etc... By comparing warframes to each other it creates metas that ignore the other frames that exist and are awesome too. Sure Zephyr might not be the most efficient due too energy for open world traveling but she ironically enough travels faster than archwing with shift+spacebar and can easily slide between smaller spaces like from cave to cave instead of deploying archwing. Airburst admittedly sucks lol. Her Turbulence literally grants her damage immunity for a good 30-40 seconds from most damage which imo is really good. Just being careful for those AoE attacks are important though. Her tornados + void singularity and funnel clouds make for nuke combos >> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jiuXdCIsUoE all be it not being the most efficient Ember is physically useless and the S#&amp;&#036;tiest and most unfun frame to play. 1st ability barely does anything and is weak af cc 2nd ability only effects HEAT damage which almost no one uses because magnetic, gas, viral, and corrosive are things and increases casting speed to the rest of her sad and bad abilities 3rd ability is gives a decent burst of heat procs which stand as okay cc but the tiny ring left behind are pretty much useless due to the tiny insignificant range 4th ability can wipe out weak enemies but literally is so weak against anything above level 20 makes this ability pretty much useless, it's hyper uninteractive, and the ramp up of energy cost makes this abiltiy even worse. Literally any other frame would be more fun and better than Ember. Sure cc frames are garbage but nyx and vauban lockdown maps on mobile defence and interception. Revenant is given a bit of S#&amp;&#036; considering is danse macabre is his only great ability but mesmer skin is okay. Titania is given S#&amp;&#036; for her garbage first 3 abilities but her 4 really does some solid dps which keeps her away from Ember tier. Literally any frame is more fun than Ember. She honestly need a rework the most, more than any other frame in this game.
  4. Lmao I did jordas with the imperator and the odonata he really isn't that hard when you collect mods
  5. Hey at least we can start more pink rhino raids ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  6. I know I'm probably the 50th person to say this but I think it's not enough. FIX VALKYR'S INVULNERABILITY. I don't get why you're able to pull out your primary while you're using your any of your exalted weapons it messes you up seriously and it pretty much restricts your movement when using these types of abilities. It especially hits Valkyr hard as she loses her invulnerability if you happen to be unlucky enough to right click. Making an augment that takes up a mod slot only to have it slightly fix this problem really is no help.
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