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  1. That's a fair point. I considered the elevated resource cost initially since Liches appear to be rather powerful units (depending on how the enemy levels compare), but having kuva as part of the resource cost is a bit too much. Good analogy at the end though as all they currently do in-game is exactly that, whenever they do decide to show up.
  2. I've got a converted Lich buddy that I'd like to hang out with a bit more often. It seems like the only way to get him to occasionally spawn is by dying once. Can't we get a "Lich Beacon" consumable gear item of sorts to acquire, build, and use? I think a decent cost for a friendly x5 Lich beacon BP could be 9k Ferrite, 5 Gallium, 15k Nano Spores, and 1,000 Kuva along with some credit cost. It could function the same way as regular Lich spawning in goes, but with a longer 8-10 minute timer for assistance or even no timer at all. What's the point of converting a Lich if you never ge
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