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  1. Not sure if there was a thread for this, so I wanted to make one. The intent was to list the best spots to farm relics for lith/meso/neo/axi. Any locations/general tips will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  2. It is now my quest to see how high I can get the crit damage to be with the dread, as well as make another stalker ash build/outfit!
  3. I just got saryn with discord nitro and I'm not too familiar with endgame building, so I figured I would ask the community. I would like to build her for 15hr survival and/or High level disruption/defense. (It would be appreciated if you could link/put pictures of builds/mods) Thanks!
  4. Jauto

    Dread is underrated

    I just never see them used, that's was what gave me the idea for the post & the thought process of it being underrated.
  5. Am I the only person that thinks the dread bow is incredibly underrated? I mean, its got really, REALLY high crit multiplier/chance, and above average damage (In my opinion.) I think that if you modded for damage/multishot and gave it insane crit boosts with a critical chance/damage riven it would be really good in 15hour survivals (granted you aren't doing grineer).
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