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  1. i like. I never liked the rotating nodes in the planets.
  2. yea they run into em like stupid idiots and without the bleed out mod they only get like 2-3 sec of bleedout .
  3. is it the 4 legged creature rebecca talked about in the dev stream?
  4. Latron Prime, shoot em from a far before they shoot you
  5. I feel the same , once you farm it all and forma it all theres nothing. But this game is cool so I stick with it.
  6. -Latron prime all day everyday fixes the rhino skin problem. -I also find that abilitiy unlocks are quite rare. From all my multipule plays I only a two ability unlocks once. -I wish this PVP mode was just one seperate node for better mach making so get a full team every game.
  7. my kubrow has more health than my saryn and link health is not even close to max.
  8. I though the same thing when the wolverine claws came out.
  9. I wanted to see how it looks in front of every planet but Im too lazy.
  10. how do you play it? can you do it anytime or does the dark sectors have to be in open conflict?
  11. I ment do it freely without a long combo. but captain america kinda acts like a glaive, so half a captain america
  12. yea I solo part 3 of marriage quest with a lanka and saryn and it was ridiculous. All these energy drain and infested buffs.
  13. Kinda of like the glaive except more limited rage and no bouncing around.
  14. has anyone given it to the corpus yet? I got a message from them since the start of U14 , I wonder what happens if you do.
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