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  1. Not sure why you think that kind of attitude is at all constructive or useful but oh well. Anyway, adding to the broken Titania Diwata ability since the update! It does nothing if tapping melee while looking straight or above horizon, and attempts to ground-slam if looking down, but bugs out and almost shoves Titania through the world 😄
  2. Was playing Ash earlier and noticed if I shifted into operator mode after smoke bombing, and shifting back, the cooldown was still active but I was no longer invisible. Haven't played Ash for a while so don't know if that's a long-standing issue or not!
  3. Non-gameplay question here! 🙂 Are there any future plans, or is it even under consideration, to create user- or public-accessible API's to share information about player stats? For example, being able to see: what equipment has been mastered which equipment is most used per category (frame/primary/secondary etc) inventory contents! so can do relic planning without needing to log into the game to check current collected prime parts (I totally wouldn't do this while bored at work.. honest! )
  4. Please allow us to skip Onkko's monologue if we accidentally click it instead of one of the other menu choices 🙂
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