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  1. It would be nice to be able to customize the statue, change the warframe, or choose a loadout of your own, like a giant warframe articula
  2. You sure? Then why does it say "Daily First Win - Bonus Awarded" on the victory screen? Is that for affinity?
  3. It's supposed to give you double credit on the first mission you play when you get your login bonus right? Now it doesn't, check the numbers on both screenshots. i should've got 500k credits.
  4. Host migration is so cancerous for the game, It has been there pissing me off ever since I started this game, it needs to be fixed asap, your rewards should be updated into your account as soon as you get them, or at least the most important ones. I can't remember how many times I rage-quitted because of this unfair situations. Worse part is, it's not just railjack, it's the entire game.
  5. I was doing the resupply beacon one, and now no enemies spawn, I checked everything, including the rock rooftop, I just had to wait til the timer ran out and start again, yayy. This isn't new, plains is often really buggy for me.
  6. Title says all, the little guy got teleported to a cave underground for some reason and I had to abort and lose the bounty.
  7. People already asked for this months ago, so I didn't elaborate because I want to think that they already read them. This is just a heads up/bump, for all those requests. -The main problem for me is rearranging rooms, even something simple like https://dojoplanner.stom66.co.uk but in-game would be enough for me, just drag and drop rooms, replace rooms at will and then tell me the costs and time. -Get rid of room dependencies, or rework them, let them just be costs, that once paid, do not disturb the building process at all. I have a line of rooms with every hall, just to get access to the bigger one, all those halls are stacked in a "trash floor" with everything I don't want to build, but I'm forced to. Needless to say, that's pointless. Just let me pay you with resources, don't force me to waste space and resources to build an elevator to another floor, or 5 corridors to separate the trash rooms from the real dojo .
  8. Having to destroy 14 rooms because you want to change 1 is not a good thing. Not knowing why you can't build a room even though you have the space, but seems like a 2nd floor room is obstructing that room, but you can't see it clearly, and then you have to change your plan, destroy a couple of rooms, wait 24 hours again, and have much fun waiting. Do something like Portal 2 editor, but for rooms, or something like "Warframe Dojo Planner", please, do something that lets you rearrange rooms without punishing you by destroying half your dojo (or all of it) and waste hundreds of hours of your time rebuilding it.
  9. The melee changes are good, still needs balance and tweaks. Regarding heavy attacks, I hope you don't keep going in this direction, right now the builds are either just common attacks or just heavy attacks, and that's really boring, I think melee 3.0 should diversify melee gameplay and not just be "spam E", or "spam Heavy atttack" (like in Brozime last vid). Since many of you were inspired by devil may cry or other hack and slash games when reworking melee, you should see that is more fun combining different attacks and not being punished by doing it; heavy attacks punish you by taking all of your combo, and that's never worth it, if it's not worth it, people don't use it, i'd rather keep a 12x multiplier both in damage and crit chance with blood rush. I'm aware of the recent buff to (sacrifical) true steel, but in my opinion heavy attacks still have some problems that will keep me from using them: -Too slow: I know they're supposed to be that way, but they are not worth it, getting multi-hits with common attacks is usually better, and it's always more fun and pleasant to see some variety than seeing the exact same slow attack over and over, if we compare the speed with other hack and slash games it really lacks speed, i would go with a 20-50% base speed buff and see how it works, also, attack speed should affect heavy attack speed, if we split the two, you're also splitting playstyles, it could be good but it's less dynamic, less pleasant. The combo (not the multiplier, but the idea of combo) is lost, what you did with common attacks and the close up combo (forward, right click and E) is very good, I would like to see that too with heavy attacks. -Combo counter shouldn't be consumed, losing 12x damage and crit is not worth a heavy attack, to change that I would go with: "On heavy attack, consume 1x-2x of your combo" and see how it works, on top of that, I would add a 3x-4x total range multiplier (all numbers are subject to tweaks), so that heavy attack would actually be worth using, wasting a 12x combo on hopefully killing 1-3 enemies isn't profitable, with a buffed range it should be better, I think it's not good to enforce more monotone playstyles. This is very subjective, take it as a simple opinion.
  10. You were supposed to make new challenging content, not a pain in the a**. Disabling abilities on a looter shooter game were you depend entirely on your resources that you spends hundreds of hours to get, and you take them away. Great, way to go. You still don't know the definition of challenge, and now it seems that you forgot the definition of fun too. What a dissapointment.
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