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  1. I wonder how many braincells were used to reach that conclusion. Jeez. Wtf DE
  2. I couldn't agree more. Doing the exact same task for 10 days isn't fun, it has no variety, and you don't get other things by doing It. Seems like they didn't learn a thing with the thermia fractures. I think the event is good, what it totally ruins it for me is the unreasonable grind. They are overstretching it. I think It will be more effective for you to farm just the beach balls/sigil, and buy the captura scene on warframe market.
  3. same here, It doesn't show on the challenges list. I don't know if there are more challenges that I don't know about, but at least the Capture one isn't showing
  4. This, It's always nice to have more beautiful worlds, but time and resources are limited, you can't just ignore the problems that we currently have in the game and just waste resources on something new just for the sake of "having a big chonk of world", adding more things and enhancing the experience on the already existing open worlds is cheaper and more meaningful than just creating more huge expensive worlds. Yeah, It would be nice, but It's not that simple, for now I think they should focus on fixing and improving what we already have, having a year or two without more open worlds, using their valuable time and money doing (in my opinion) more priority stuff, like: -Reworking broken tilesets and creating new ones (that could be the Sentient one that they're doing), effectively giving players a more fresh experience, like Steel_Rook and Chewarette already said above. Maybe adding more types of endless missions with better rewards and bosses in the process, like Ropalolyst and Disruption. -Adding more and better events, something different than the repetitive thermia thing, that's pure boredom. -Changing the openworld isolated system that we have, so we stay inside the open world, and have a reason to, because right now it's just a big zone that we go sometimes for some minutes and that's it. As (PS4)haphazardlynamed, (PS4)AyinDygra and Teridax68 said. I think It needs a rework, and a big part that affects this for me, is the host migration system and account syncronization, I always have the fear of losing all my rewards and time invested on longer missions, but the Host System is a necessary evil, though It could be improved by just syncing your rewards with DE's server, like Nightwave already does, so if you fail the mission or it bugs by whatever reason, the host falls, you already did your challenge and have your rewards, you don't lose the time invested. Sure, it would be beautiful if It was a server with dozens of players roaming the world, but that's expensive, what we could have instead Is more integration with said world, like Railjack showed one time, you have your ship on Orb Vallis's surface, and the transition between the outside and your ship and items could be seamless, that's one of the things that makes it really feel like an open world. I'm not a dev, but I think that this is probably cheaper and more valuable than doing yet another big world, It's not that simple, I know.
  5. I agree, 100%. -Also improve the room-editor, and remove the requeriment to build all the small halls, just to build the bigger one. We end up with trash rooms that are there just to meet a silly requeriment.
  6. Hello, please allow me to remind you that perhaps, maybe, you missed some sentences on my post, such as "I think", "At least for me", and of course "In my opinion" So, from the start this is my point of view that I'm writing here, in the end they will do what they deem necessary and that's ok. Now I would really love if you add your opinion regarding this topic too, instead of whining about the most pointless things. Thanks. I'm fairly sure I heard that some times on devstreams, or it has been rumored/mentioned by many players. But yeah, Empyrean comes first and that looks good.
  7. ...Why? If the infested open world is true, I think it's a waste of resources from DE. The plains and orb vallis could have much more content, specially on orb vallis, there are quite a few landscapes that weren't used to its full potential. Yeah you will get more people to play your game, but will you really keep them engaged? At least for me, in the end it will be boring if you just keep doing the same bounties but with random locations and zero variation outside that. It's the same thing most AAA companies did years ago, pointless open worlds are not a good thing. I would like to have at least half of the density of content that The Witcher 3 had on it's world, but on fortuna or plains. TL,DR: Orb Vallis and Plains are huge, they have much potential and could use more content, In my opinion there's no need for more half-filled worlds.
  8. I logged in expecting to get my 3 forma, and then "uh....yeah....I needed a slot and sold Wukong 4 months ago because he was boring". Feels bad man.
  9. While I agree on the useless catch-up mechanic regarding degrindification, releasing all challenges at once it's just too much, they should still be released at their usual weekly pace, but, you should be able to do last week's challenges without requeriments, but only last week's; that way you can play every 2 weeks and still catch-up, that's acceptable. If they really really really want to put a restriction it should be: "do at least 1 of the challenges of the week, and you get to do the catch-up of that week", but having requeriments goes against the point of degrindification that we want.
  10. If you play Gara use your 2 on the objective, and that's it, remember to refresh the duration with your 4 and It's not a big deal, but I totally agree with you, the operative is dumb af, It should stay in place and do as we say, we're not babysitters.
  11. That goes under "Changes". It's a nerf. I thought you learned the difference when you wrote the resource farm nerf under "fixes". As for the change: you think it's too op? Limbo can do practically the same, and more effectively.
  12. Do you have plans on improving boss fights difficulty? And, will you improve rewards in exchange for playing in a high level mission? (More kuva, endo or even relic packs) My feedback regarding Flydolon and Disruption:
  13. Well, I just did my first Flydolon as Gara. And... It's a pretty neat fight, the parkour system can offer much more to this fight than what's needed to beat It though. It lacks wall latches, wall jumps to refresh the bullet jump, something like the broken bridge from one room i've seen, that can be used more. The laser that does big damage it's nice and powerful, even with 90% DR It does quite some damage (Rip squishy frames), just make sure that this things are dodgeable and it's alright, the parkour system allows you to dodge these things smoothly, but I see it wasn't used so much. You could put some broken bridges in vertical so you can't stand on them but keep jumping from one to the other, It can be used as protection from the laser too. Rolling mid-air is nice to dodge lasers too. There's quite some potential to improve yet, I would love a bullet hell, or laser hell to dodge. No, I would love to have the need to dodge in the first place. I see you improved a lot from previous boss fights, keep up the good work! :))) But I have to say that nullifying invisible areas are silly difficulty, next time I'll bring Inaros and suddenly that's not a problem anymore and I lose my ability to die. That just mess with us. Edit: About Disruption, It's not worth It for me, the mods are useless/not worth the slot, and I don't need relics/there are better relic farming spots. That's my opinion.
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