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  1. Of course, even so - I think that there's entirely an in-universe (WF) justification for the kind of open world I've described.
  2. Ok, that's fine - but the themes of futurism, existentialism, spiritualism, government, religion, and the similarity they bear to the themes of Dune can't be ignored in any serious analysis. For you, the game is simply a set of mechanics, but for many, the game is a rich tapestry of lore as well. The story, such as it is, may not hold any significance for you - but it certainly holds significance for those who have painstakingly created it, and those who enthusiastically immerse themselves in it. To many, the themes you haughtily decry are of equal importance to the mechanics that you laud.
  3. I'd Argue that Frank Herbert is already here. It's going to be pretty hard to point to a single concept in warframe that doesn't trace back to an analogue in Dune, imo. ^My sentiments exactly
  4. Have you read Dune, or even seen the old movie? There are incredible similarities already, I don't really understand why you think it wouldn't fit.
  5. Maybe? When I think of Mercury, I think Flowing Lava rather than desert - perhaps there are deserts at the poles, though? Totally agree, it's perfect. Despite the very slight camber over the caldera, there is a sheer drop of 20 kilometers or so, sounds like a pretty exciting spot for an archwing. This is legitimately Terrifying ^_^;
  6. Actually that sounds rad. Machine-worm totally works for the Grineer theme, too. New kind of Kuva mission as well maybe, enter the worm through the mouth, in which you work your way through endless segments front to back over a fixed period of time, more segments = more kuva, as the worm travels through the map
  7. Technically, Deimos is part of Mars, but regarding Mars itself, the basic geography seems to make the most sense to me regarding similarity to Arrakis. I get that it's difficult to make a desert area interesting, I'm thinking the Night/Day mechanic could be some kind of shifting sand dunes, and when they are in one position, you can extract resources from the desert, and when they are in another position, you can go down into ruins.
  8. Having a 'stillsuit' theme for the operator would also be pretty sweet. Please don't mind me, I'm just going a little dune crazy at the moment - but sincerely, I'd love to see an Arrakis style world. Anyone with me?
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