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  1. if you sit down in the chair before you have a cyts it will make the room come to life. XD every time you walk into the room you will now hear it talking. it's hella spooky.
  2. hyldrin is a guaranteed drop from the exploiter orb fight. though the pattern for the part drops can vary and her main bp is obtainiable from little duck at rank 2
  3. you'll be okay. there's quite a few weeks left and you're bound to max out soon.
  4. you need to go to your emote wheel and find it. it should be there once you purchase one of the instrument as decoration for your ship
  5. i've never had trouble with them noticing the bodies. the best thing you can do is watch from afar and learn the pattern they walk. plan your movements accordingly and have a fast moving frame. your melee weapon from what i know can vary as well. a dagger or the glaive to throw at enemies. be aware they might notice the thrown weapon. the MR 9 test is a tad difficult.
  6. yeah it's been so long i couldn't remember. yeah you can't use your abilities but you do have to be quick as possible. skirt around corners and watch the enemy's movement. time the patern and plan your movements accordingly
  7. i think i was able to use my ash's second. i don't remember i can re run the test and see about it.
  8. i would suggest getting an ash or loki frame. ivara too. those frames have natural stealth abilites which makes it impossible to detect. that's how i beat the mr 9 test
  9. i believe it has something to do with all the codex logs you find. as you find them fragments of his original memories are coming back. least that's the story that i've heard.
  10. i watched the stream for 45 minutes and didn't get the 200 ducat drop. i think there was something wrong with the drop from tonight's stream
  11. just restart the launcher. i've had that happen to me a few times on my old comp. it's just a minor error. restarting the launcher should fix it
  12. the best frame to fight the junction specters is by far ash prime or excalibur. it might be a bit of grinding but excalibur is the best frame to face the jupiter specter. or any of them really.
  13. wow 20 seconds. that's quite a long time as it is for that. ^w^ i'd say it's a rather good time. did it used to be longer?
  14. you can lower the graphics from high to medium, among other things. optimizing the download cache may help as well. oh and make sure there's no backround programs running on your comp. it may be lagging due to the RAM being used up by other programs. i recently had that problem.
  15. excalibur is a well rounded and strong frame to use. you get him by defeating lich kril on mars. i'm partial to the boltor and lex prime as guns. gundao or dark sword are good weapons.
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