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  1. i found this bug in the fortuna captura mode. you guys might need to add a small patch to have the doors closed. i really wanted to take pictures here of my frames ready to enter deck 12 and fight. i know the deck 12 is another map type, but you should probably patch this so that we can't see under the map, even though it's cool as hell.
  2. Lith O2 – Chassis – Uncommon Meso O3 – Neuroptics – Common Neo V8 – Blueprint – Common Axi L4 – Systems – Rare Loki Prime Relic Blueprint - Lith O2 - Common Chassis - Meso O3 - Uncommon Neuroptics - Neo V8 - Rare Systems - Axi L4 - Uncommon Volt prime relics these are the relics for each but i'm not sure where you're gonna find these specific ones
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