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  1. Thanks for shuch amazing update, i know there is bugs but the important thing here is the care and love that all of the DE put in the game and community.. Warframe will be the best space ninjas farm simulator free to play in the world for ever with this people working on it... and you guys complaining about bugs, at least say something good about the update first, is sad to only heard complaining when you are trying to make the other happy...
  2. edit: thinking it with a cold mind, it will work in the index, i mean, my build for nezha is rage and fast mind with umbrals, so... that 10% damage will be healed constantly with rage and fast mind and possibly it will work well in index... i will wait for this and see it by myself with the new nezha
  3. i go with nezha to the index, with this rework, my nezha will be taking dust and i will have to chance to rhino i think, and that is bad, i dont think that making it 90% reduction is the right thing, the damage absorbed is so poor in nezha so there is no sense doing that, is a ugly nerft that will do that nezhas who go to the index will stop doing that
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