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  1. I had wolf spawn 3 times in one day solo, (was on lvl 30 missions) and he got destroyed by the Exhalted Umbra Blade and Magus Lockdown to stun him briefly (not required). However this was the first time something like this happened. I wasn't egen farming the Wolf, i was running an invasion mission.
  2. This is not a captura only bug, I witnessed it first in game play and wanted to be sure it was not a result of lag. Basically kill a male grineer that doenst have a face mask and their facial expression will spasm out. It is replicable, and quite funny. It doesn't hinder gameplay at all but I just wanted to point it out.
  3. I know the wolf spawn was increased but why did Shadow Stalker come after me back to back twice in the same day if his spawn is so low. To be honest both Stalker and The Kill Squads for syndicates feel like they got spawn buffs lol
  4. They are alredy working om it but rememver most are still at tennocon and its an issue on every platform. The servers got rekt when over 500k people tried to log in at once. After that fixed. Some people got ash some didn't.
  5. Yeh still no ash but loves the stream. Saw all of it😂 Fortuna looks good and so does railjack
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