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  1. Titania Prime access packs areselling under 'bundles' for 1 plat each. Attempting to purchase the bundle fails. I've linked to a video from my PS4 showing the issue. https://imgur.com/a/vzwR87r
  2. The bungie forums are... bad. Like, absolute trashfire bad. Full of people who think they know how to make a game, when all their suggestions led to.. D2 year 1. One of the worst points in the 6 years the games have been running.
  3. Alright, now consider, that instead of having to team up with a Rhino to get your Roar on... Lets say... Mesa, you can have Roar as a part of your Mesa's kit. The nerfed Roar is still a perfectly fine damage multiplier, and considering now that you can put Roar on any frame that specs for strength and duration, having a bigger damage buff woould become an issue, very, very fast.
  4. Due to the Deimos quest, specifically towards the end, you can't actually complete it without havign done The War Within
  5. Personally, I find this discussion to be... irrelevent. Is the market great? No. Is DE's monetization better than most other f2p games? Yes. Could they do better? Yes. Will they change anything? Doubtful. Do the devs need money to survive and keep the game going? Yes. Do they provide the game at no upfront cost or major DLC releases? Yes. Now ask where the devs would get their money from if every monetization method was removed? And ask how many new players, who understand the type of game Warframe is will buy things, like Nano Spores, for 30 platinum, or will rush any build?
  7. The Radial Blind animation plays, but theres no sound effect or blind. It also consumes the combo count
  8. Its almost like... this is a game...!!! Specifically, an MMO, which is a genre that has always had the little issue of there being a whole lot of old content for new players to get through before they can get to the new stuff. Xaku is not an early game frame. Xaku should not be an early game frame, because Xaku, deals void damage. New players ARE NOT entitled to the newest content the second it releases. They can work for it, or they can buy it. Warframe is a free to play MMO, which gives you two paths to acquire 90% of the items. Be glad the only things in the game locked behind a paywall is
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