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  1. so...when is going to be the channeling fixed? for both running and using it and xbox controller (LT) bugged button?
  2. Here is mine, it is a very creepy idea but... we Tenno get inside the warframes to use them as armors. what would happen if a warframe that is sentient like umbra turns against us and tries to do us what we do to the warframes? that how my movie poster (SS) came to be: https://imgur.com/ZcQtNCO
  3. so pc controller channeling bug wont be fixed?
  4. i dont see the (LT) buttom in xbox controllers not working problem fixed or mentioned. i opened a topic about it and i wasnt the only one, amking it a real problem. the details are that the LT buttom cant be remapped or more especific, you can but it wont work, at the same time it doesnt work for anything but aiming zoom, if you use channeling it doesnt work, if you remap it for guard it doesnt work either, it only works for aim zoom and it was fine and functional before the chimera update. please fix it :d
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