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  1. Count me in - I have completed an Arbitration Mission.
  2. A good solution to this imo would be to allow the shoulder guard to be sold for a lot of credits (I'm thinking 50k at least.)
  3. Rose

    UNBAN --TL--Guthix

    Exactly this.
  4. Rose

    UNBAN --TL--Guthix

    Incase mods don't understand this is a joke post
  5. Rose

    UNBAN --TL--Guthix

    You're not exactly doing Guthix a favor here.
  6. Playing around, Railjack with literally every single speed avionic in existence and the new boost feels about the same as conic nozzle + ion burn and old boost. The boost itself also runs out far too quickly and takes too long to recharge making most of movement being sluggish and just feels terrible overall Proposal: either cut the time taken for the boost to recharge by at least half ( shorter strafes and more time moving around) and it would probably feel okay, or increase boost capacity/reduce boost drain by 75% (or at least give us avionics for that.) And also increase boost multiplier to 1.5x. At the moment boost barely feels like a speed increase until you get to the dash at the end. Other than that I don't really have much to add, other than RJ missions with objectives being an absolute slog due to aforementioned clunky movement. without those it's barely noticeable because of enemy spawn mechanics. Speaking of spawn mechanics, have the first wave of enemies spawn further away so the squad gets ready before engaging since it does mean teammates occasionally aren't loaded in yet.
  7. Selling them at 18p per r0 and 375p at r5
  8. Exactly this. When you have 500 health heals but a 50000 health objective you’re still doing nothing. And you see those often at higher levels (Sorties, Arbitration’s). I don’t mind it not being a % anymore but do have it scale with objective health to an extent. @[DE]Rebeccacanwe get some response on this?
  9. I was running off the r3 values. I #*!%ed up
  10. 1k* but yeah it's not as bad as I expected
  11. When I started playing this game Limbo Prime just got released. Now he’s being vaulted. It’s a rite of passage at this point. Kudos for all the Warframe, DE. Keep going strong.
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