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  1. Tenet Diplos: 0.5->0.55 Kuva Zarr: 0.5->0.6 ... can someone explain to me why the Diplos, that new pair of middling dual pistols that I've literally never seen anyone else ever use, has a lower disposition than Zarr, that one new amazing flavor-of-the-month explosive weapon that probably half the playerbase is running around nuking maps with? This makes no sense and makes me sad.
  2. and about avenger, go for it, doesn't hurt :)
  3. crit chance is basically the chance to apply an extra multiplier to your damage (crit multiplier) so if you have 51% cc and I assume vital sense = 5.5x damage, you do 5.5x your damage 51% of the time you shoot. which totals out to crits overall increasing your damage by 2.8x.
  4. I can login fine, but my chat takes awhile to load and I can't send nor receive PMs.
  5. This was before I did a heap of testing and I am now in pain. It does work on Cedo, Ogris and most explosives, but only on the direct hit. Not the AoE, none of the AoEs benefit. Honestly I'm cool with that.
  6. In hindsight, should have done that. It's an incredible mess of a fix.
  7. TYPE: INGAME DESCRIPTION: Galvanized savvy/aptitude/shot are additive to the Tenet/Kuva damage bonus. It's calculated approximately as (1+Condition overload+lich bonus) which seems like an oversight. REPRODUCTION: proc the mods' effects on any kuva weapon, shoot at enemy, and compare the damage numbers with the same weapon's damage numbers on the same enemy without galvanized CO. EXPECTED RESULT: galvanized CO scaling off the supposed base damage of the Kuva/Tenet weapon. OBSERVED RESULT: galvanized CO having seemingly little to no effect due to the damage value scaling off the actual base damage of the weapon and not the base damage including the bonus. REPRODUCTION RATE: 100%.
  8. TYPE: INGAME DESCRIPTION: Galvanized Status mods do not function properly for certain projectile weapons. Weapons that it DOES work on post-fix include the Exergis, all of Epitaph's projectiles, Mutalist Cernos, and Tenet Diplos/Detron. Weapons that it COMPLETELY DOES NOT work on post-fix include the Komorex, Epitaph's alt-fire AoE, and the Kuva Chakkhurr's (presumably?) AoE Weapons that it DOES NOT FUNCTION PROPERLY ON (i.e. seems to scale off of lower damage values instead of the weapon's base damage) include the Dread, Daikyu, Nagantaka, Cernos Prime, Kuva Chakkhurr. REPRODUCTION: hit an enemy with no armor (chargers) with the projectile/component of damage. then apply statuses, proc the mods by killing nearby mobs, and reattempt. EXPECTED RESULT: a massive increase in damage. OBSERVED RESULT: variable; either no changes in damage or disproportionately low increases in damage. REPRODUCTION RATE: 100%... on weapons still affected by this bug. As mentioned above it was fixed on certain weapons. edit: I give up testing this, it's incredibly inconsistent across different weapons in terms of how much it works
  9. Words cannot describe the joy that this sentence made me feel Thanks for the hotfix
  10. Also about aquablades turning into world of fire concerns: Considering their base range is 4 meters even at 4x range it barely meets old WoF's base range. Which is in other words not a lot. It's really unlikely that it'll turn her into Ember 2.0.
  11. Quick thoughts on Yareli: She's fun, when she works. Which is not really. Yareli, from how her kit looks, is intended to be a hybrid tank/cc/damage frame with a K-Drive gimmick attached. The only problem with that is she does exactly none of that well. Sea Snares are easily her best ability barring her passive, being a lifted CC, but are limited by long casting animations and a target cap on top of line of sight requirements. I really want to like Merulina, but barring complaints stemming from boosted K-Drives in normal missions (I've tried mostly unboosted and that's pretty intuitive and balanced), it comes with 75% damage reduction. Which sounds fine on paper but in practice means you still get shredded anyways, because it's not a whole lot. It also locks you out of your primary weapon and melee, which is a problem. Presently due to control issues and the mediocre damage reduction you get as a result this is probably her best ability to Helminth off. I was on my knees begging for Aquablades to be her helminth ability, and we got it... except it's kind of mediocre. It does okay damage with viral application and roar subsumed, but on its own it struggles once levels get high, and honestly Helminth isn't supposed to be a bandaid to fix mediocre kits. It has a hit cap of 3 times a second, range is locked at 4 meters and unaffected by range mods. Its saving grace is the stagger you get when blades hit an enemy but at 4 meters, that's not a whole lot. It's essentially a ward against enemies in melee range, and not much else. Also doesn't do damage to ragdolled enemies, which is honestly a pretty significant oversight given her 4. And, Riptide, her ultimate, is a portable vortex and ragdoll at the cost of one vortex per cast. It has damage scaling with enemies, but falls off with armor due to not scaling with enemy EHP but just with enemy density. I tried modding for damage and and in the end it... just wasn't worth it. Also ragdolled enemies have counter-synergy with her 3 which is honestly the bigger problem. Suggested changes: Uncap Sea Snares: so she at least has some semblance of decent crowd control. Make them do less damage or something, idk, they're primarily crowd control. Give Merulina 95%, or at the very least 90% damage reduction, achievable at base or with strength or whatever. 75% doesn't cut it, and honestly 90% doesn't justify getting locked out of two of my primary damage tools. Also give it K-Drive mods so we can at least do the speed with it. About the boost, I'd add some sort of radial crowd control along the lines of a blind (think sea spray) whenever it's activated so at least we get benefit for staying on it. Oh, and enable transferring out of it with Operator, or make it dismountable without further energy penalty. Aquablades needs one of two things: taking mods for range (even at a decreased capacity or with a cap) so we get a decent radial crowd control field, or a damage boost via uncapping the ticks/second limit it currently has, scaling via melee mods or enemy levels, or just outright + damage. Since this is her helminth power the first option would be more feasible honestly. Also maybe a little pushback effect would be nice. Riptide, either turn it into a full on damage tool by giving it EHP scaling or a little extra range for use as a baby Vortex. All of her abilities could use some extra status chance, considering they do Cold damage but cannot proc cold. Or hell revert them back to doing impact and turn her into a Mercy Kill frame. She could also really do with some extra synergies, since presently she doesn't have much. I'd suggest allowing Sea Snares' CC to spread by contact with Aquablades, or extra Riptide range on Merulina. And fix Aquablades not functioning on ragdolled enemies. TL;DR yareli needs a rework
  12. So when can we expect to use galvanized shot/savvy/aptitude on our projectile-based guns and actually see an effect? Sincerely, someone who desperately wants to use them on the Komorex.
  13. I made sure the buff value was at 3x, but I did indeed forget to say that. My bad. I recorded a video that shows the problem pretty clearly, with an ignis wraith modded for gas/cold (Cedo applies heat which removes armor, which gives the illusion of the buff working) and the Epitaph (galvanized shot only). Builds aren't shown but the icon for Shot's damage bonus appears.
  14. TYPE: In Game DESCRIPTION: The damage bonuses of Galvanized Shot, Savvy and Aptitude do not apply to non-hitscan, aka projectile, weaponry, or otherwise have unnoticeable effect. VISUAL: Here's a video of me using the epitaph (projectile) demonstrating the damage bonus not applying: Here's a visual of me demonstrating that the buff applies using the lato (hitscan) Here's a visual demonstrating the bug with the Epitaph in an Exterminate: REPRODUCTION: seen above. Apply several status effects (except for Heat/Corrosive/Viral) to a single enemy, trigger the kills needed for the damage bonus to apply using a weapon with only Galvanized Shot equipped, then damage the enemy with a said weapon. Then compare this value with a damage value to the same body part without any statuses or the Galvanized Shot buff, using the same weapon. EXPECTED RESULT: The damage value from the shot done using the Galvanized Shot buff and statuses should be noticeably greater than the damage value from the shot done without those. OBSERVED RESULT: The two numbers are identical or extremely close, but ONLY with projectile weapons like the Mutalist Cernos and not with hitscan weapons like the Lato. REPRODUCTION RATE: Constantly (100%)in the simulacrum, harder to notice but very present in regular missions.
  15. Additional testing ingame on Adaro, Sedna using a high range, high duration Limbo build and cataclysm/stasis: Heavy Gunner charged body shots using the Epitaph did 133 damage without crits, 345 with. This was with an Epitaph modded only with Galvanized Shot, but without the damage bonus active due to a lack of both status effects and the buff itself. I then proceeded to apply status gratuitously using the Cedo and the Epitaph's quickshot. I then immediately charged a shot and fired at the body, also dealing 133 damage without crits, 345 with. Simulacrum testing yielded the same results. This isn't another sim bug. please fix this, I'd really like to use them Galvanized mods on projectile weapons. Even had the forma and everything done on some of them D:
  16. I did some testing about this and at the very least the following weapons reap no benefit whatsoever from the new mods: Komorex, Proboscis Cernos, Mutalist Cernos, Exergis, Epitaph Proboscis' Cernos does benefit, but only minimally, from Galvanized Apitude/Savvy/Shot. (Versus a level 20 charger, unmodded, with only Galv Shot, initial shot damage was 314 damage with zero statuses initially, applying two using the epitaph's forced cold proc and likely blast proc resulting in 332 damage). I haven't done extensive testing with the rest, only enough to notice the lack of effect. All testing was done in the simulacrum, solo. Edit: recorded video evidence of the bug in the megathread
  17. This is very sad, I had builds for a good few projectile weapons and now it's just wasted forma. Please fix this ASAP.
  18. I believe "dropping a 95% slow to crowd control enemies and then dealing with them systematically" is also a tactic.
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