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  1. @Arkennstardid you use banes for pure HM by any chance?
  2. I’d recommend pure hunter munitions with serration split chamber point strike vital sense hunter munitions vigilante armaments, and a bane mod that you swap out for each faction. The last slot is pure preference, like shred. Or the riven. Modding for corrosive, which strips armor, and hunter munitions, which bypasses armor, defeats the points of both builds. @Arkennstar
  3. O.o try replicating that and recording it/ what did it say? Helminth has been buggy as of late.
  4. If you don’t want to be bothered, 1. Slaughter everything first, 2. ESPECIALLY those little seeker drones. They call reinforcements. If the beacon gets shot, you’re screwed. Personal experience from trying to fish without having to bring god damn Nidus.
  5. I have a general use build for you: Any Aura, any Exilus, Flow, Overextended, Celestial Stomp, Intensify, Vitality, Transient Fortitude, Streamline, Continuity. Primes and umbrals recommended but definitely not necessary. Pure crowd control for stuff like interception: Aura, Exilus, Fleeting Expertise, Streamline, (either r3 fleeting and r5 streamline, r4 and r4, or r5 and r2), Overextended, Augur reach, stretch, cunning drift, Celestial Stomp and Flow. No survivability on this one although you could put cunning in the exilus and free up a slot for vitality.
  6. Prime access is more of a way to milk money for DE from players who can’t be assed to farm than a pay to win mechanic. Primes also have a slightly lower bullet jump distance than the regular variant, so if you prefer mobility primes might not be the best choice. This is from an idiot who bought Mesa prime access btw.
  7. Vaulted means that eventually they will come out in an unvaulting event where they’re sold to milk more money for DE. Clan requirements vary; I’d suggest asking recruiters first. Generally it’s just be friendly and helpful and active though. Guns, I’d recommend the following: Vectis. MR2 weapon that is in some people’s eyes better than the prime variant. Sniper rifle. Hek. Solid MR4 shotgun capable of carrying you through the star chart like the vectis. Braton. Standard rifle that works fine.
  8. We’re not DE. There’s a link to support elsewhere but I can’t find it. This is questions for players, and all we can do is press F.
  9. DE would like to know your location. I believe it’s a bit of a WIP/TennoCon
  10. Farm her. I bought her though, can’t remember why. Must’ve been a stupid reason.
  11. Sorry, might need to click once 😕
  12. They have very low ammo reserves, so throw them wisely. As for builds: You can use them as a standard explosive with a rather awkward alt fire to detonate mechanism, with hornet strike, barrel diffusion, lethal torrent, pistol gambit, target cracker, then the builds part depending on element: for most elementals (mostly radiation with the added bonus of cc, or corrosive for its large assortment of neutral multipliers) , use the dualstats for them with a flexible slot where you put in anything. Or you can go for gas, in which case you use scorch, infected clip, and a (primed) expel in the last 3 slots. Or, you can opt for a trap. In which case, if you just aim to defend a single choke point, use the above build. If you want to spread them out evenly, take out the multishot mods for either 90 elementals of the chosen element or the other two dualstats. (If gas put in pistol pestilence and the other is a flex slot. I’d recommend the cold 60) If you want to eidolon Ivara, use hornet strike magnum force jolt convulsion scorch Primed heated charge pistol gambit target cracker. Don’t recommend using Ivara In eidolons though.
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