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  1. I hope that the costs for the keys aren't ridiculous tbh I'd spend 25 vitus on kuva, not grendel keys
  2. Right back at you. Snipers fit the general criteria of being hunter-munitions viable: slow fire rate that can't strip efficiently with corrosive, high base damage, high crit chance for consistent procs. In that regards, Rubico can be used to devastating effect at far higher levels than a standard crit build that doesn't deal with armor efficiently. The thing is, most people run raw crit on snipers for the sole reason that there simply isn't any content to blow those superamped bleed procs on, and those few enemies that are tanky enough to warrant them are usually straight up immune (Eidolons, exploiter, etc.) That's why pure crit is used so often. That said, that proves the point, kinda; there isn't much flexibility on that build, since all 8 slots had to be forma'd for that effect. I'd ask for 5 or 10 extra cap unlocked on getting the pexilus for guns, similar to how melees get stances.
  3. I think that the fluidity of stances has been such a huge issue in the past years that nearly nobody is going to complain now, especially with quick melee gone. That said the negativity is mostly centred around condition overload now, and I'm hoping that it doesn't get nerfed into the ground with calculation changes as well.
  4. I think a whole swarm of heavy-attack spawned specters that still do jack diddly squat is what you can expect. If channeling and charged attacks are going to be replaced with heavy attacks, then it won't make sense to leave weapons out as well.
  5. It's an improvement to fluidity for sure. Not sure how an ingame item (do you mean maiming strike?) is an exploit though. And even so I don't expect the meta builds to change much in the future. There are more modding avenues for sure, but I don't think that they'll end up changing meta builds that much (with the exception of maiming strike dying on the scoliac - I saw that from a mile away). Condition overload is still substantial damage for status builds; blood rush is still a huge crit boost. Maybe killing blow? I won't know until the math on everything is done and dusted, but yeah, there's my prediction. On the subject of condition overload, the cap with the current math was a fine compromise , since it still requires a level of buildup which justifies increased power a little; if youre going to make it additive to pressure point, at the very least remove the cap or increase it to 5 or so.
  6. I thought Arbies were kind of hard tbh, but I see where you're going with this. I just play warframe because it's fun and cool tbh, but once you get thru the starchart and the quests the gear doesn't really have any importance anymore. Either you make the "hard content" hard, or you risk losing all your invested players (though new players give more money anyways, so why should we matter). At the very least give us the teralyst's gun arm as an archgun that drops from the hydrolyst. That would be very cool, and feel like some sort of raid boss. (Also the bonuses from doing all of this don't really feel like "raids" or "rewarding", so yeah.)
  7. WeLl YoU cAn TrAdE tHeM in all seriousness though? Good solution would be to just make their weapons untradable. And also make their stat bonuses unknown until you get them.
  8. I think what really needs to be done is for DE to man up a little, make some sort of difficult gamemode without invulnerability phases and stuff, and then leave it difficult. That would likely keep a lot of players interested. For me that someday is in 2035. And I'm seriously hoping they don't end up going and toning down lich tankiness/combinations. This is the closest thing to endgame we were told we have.
  9. I don’t either. But just to reply to everyone who say condition overload is flat out bad now: it is not. Worst case scenario, the percentiles aren’t changed but the math is: it’s still a 68% increase after primed pressure point. That’s still substantial, especially if you have more than one elemental mod in your build. Now best case scenario where math is untouched and multiplier is now +100%: 8x damage. (No multi changes still mean 4.10x extra damage) Not quite 6/status levels of tomfoolery but still equal to 4 of them. Yes it’s going to slow down demolyst killing a little, but I think that it’s not really going to be relevant until endurance levels and we have frames for that. I’ll have to wait, but the worst things that could happen would likely be to people who use single target proc secondaries. (Like me). Still don’t agree with it but it looks decent even if it’s worst case scenario.
  10. They’re buffing melee damagecout the board. At base Really now that I think about it? It’s nothing in the grand scheme of normal gameplay; it’s only remotely relevant in levels that you only encounter an hour into a survival for instance. But for those that like staying in a mission for hours on end, lockdown or Garuda are going to be where most of that free forma is going. (Speaking of which, make it 3 per melee owned. Please.)
  11. Okay gotta stop you there Theyre good. Theyre definitely not scot clean (see: Glen) Id advise you to wake up, smell the coffee, and probably think about the whole picture before you go and white knight for DE.
  12. Having several, more viable options should be a good enough choice. Not everything else has to be buffed
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