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  1. When I started playing this game Limbo Prime just got released. Now he’s being vaulted. It’s a rite of passage at this point. Kudos for all the Warframe, DE. Keep going strong.
  2. My problem isn't with the explosives. It's with the falloff on certain abilities, specifically Explosive Legerdemain. Explosive Legerdemain turns pickups into mines that explode at range once an enemy strolls within a certain range. The problem? The falloff. With the relatively smaller range of the ability, with the exception of the enemy who got within exploding distance, the 90% falloff is extremely noticeable, and renders the previous ability of the ability to lock down a point with enough pickups moot as anyone further than about 5 meters from the pickup will take little damage. While most abilities don't have this falloff, Legerdemain is treated as an explosive and got the update, and it has removed her previous role as a contender for Elite Sanctuary Onslaught squads. Her best tools are now hall of mirrors and eclipse, basically a worse Rhino. Please do fix this.
  3. Disclaimer: I did not test this myself, but am rather reposting what I heard on Discord: source is @Midas and his clan mates at Guns and Roses Gas operates as follows, now: Gas deals AoE ticks to everything near the afflicted target, regardless of whether the enemy being damage is status immune or not Gas now scales from ALL MODS WHICH INCREASE WEAPON DAMAGE, excluding those that boost electric or cold damage Gas damage is calculated at time of the proc occuring, and remains the same until the proc expires or the afflicted enemy dies (whichever comes first). This means it "snapshots" any calculated boost from critical hits, abilities, or status effects (see below) Gas damage will always deal at least 1 AoE damage proc when it starts, and (unmodded) another damage tick every second for 6 seconds This first tick occurs regardless of whether the target that would have been afflicted survives The damage of gas can be boosted by other damage-boosting statuses (Viral and Magnetic) and will remain boosted even if those statuses expire, or (in the case of magnetic) all shields are removed (Though the proc has to be made while the enemy has shields to be effected; the remainin duration's damage is simply not reduced when the shields are lost) Gas double dips into mods and abilities which effect its damage, but now triple dip into status effect damage boosting (Once on hit, once on proc, and finally again on AoE damage for those still afflicted by damage-boosting procs) Gas AoE damage is effected by armor/shield/health resistances to gas damage now (rather than toxin), which generally reduces its effectiveness (as) Gas damage no longer bypasses shields natively
  4. Already has self damage so will automatically be adjusted. I'm just worried about the Shedu's AoE falloff at this point. Are the weapons that just got the stagger getting the falloff? If yes: there goes the main appeal of playing those weapons over the Amprex or Ignis or a melee. Shedu in particular relies heavily on the AoE's damage to compete, otherwise it's sort of garbage. If not, good.
  5. After some more thought: this removes the main appeal of those weapons in the first place. A 50% falloff range was perfectly reasonable, but up to 10% damage falloff now means the Kuva Ogris basically got turned into a very crappy status based projectile version of the Rubico Prime. And not an explosive launcher. There’s still no reason to use explosives over other AoE substitutes with no stagger and more damage. Back to the Amprex folks. Please do reconsider.
  6. What the #*!% what the actual #*!% This sounds like old lantern all over again, where it was never used because you’d throw the enemy out of the range of your DPS. I can literally imagine twin gremlins ragdolling some poor sap across the map and being unable to kill it because y’know ragdoll physics. This is one status effect where you shouldn’t have effects stack. Change it to opening enemies to finishers, maybe even mercy kills. That would be a slow option opening up avenues for arcanes such as Ultimatum to replace Guardian while being a slow enough DPS tool to not make everything else obsolete. This also makes -100% impact on a riven pretty much necessary on melees and fast firing weapons. Well done, the riven mafia is clapping. Don't go through with this change. Please. Everything else looks good. Just. Not. This.
  7. Why the Energise hate? Arcane Energise was sought after, because it allowed you to drop efficiency completely in favor of other stats such as strength and range. It was the definition of a power fantasy esque item that opened up build diversity. I don’t understand why this is getting a nerf, when what it is now is exactly what you were looking to introduce by changing up at arcanes. Drop the “duration” - this means Energise is restoring energy over time, so unless this somehow works in channeled abilities you’re murdering builds like perma-Hysteria Valkyr (which was never a popular nor a broken option, as you had to keep up kills for eberguse to feed energy). You’re killing build ideas. And don’t make the cool down obnoxious, like 30 seconds or something like that. Go any longer than about 10 seconds, and it stops being a tool for fixing energy consumption and more of... a thing. A bad meme, like Arcane Warmth, Ice, and all of the new arcanes you’re looking to push with Scarlet spear. Reconsider this, please.
  8. Disclaimer: I am not a Nyx main. I have played her occasionally, but I might not understand certain niches of her kit. If you disagree with me feel free to comment and we can have a little discussion. The following is an idea for a second Nyx rework that I had as a shower thought. The goal is to make Nyx relevant again in gameplay, while keeping her relevant to her theme. Unlike the rework she received last year, which didn't quite let her make the cut to a "good" warframe. Passive: Slightly broken at the moment, but once that's patched it would be a decent passive. Mind Control: Deleted. AI companions are notorious for being incredibly unreliable at damage, and dumping bullets into an enemy to buff their damage is effectively ammo that could be spent killing enemies more reliably. It could allow you to utilise enemy auras yourself, but specters exist, so there isn't much of an advantage in that regards. Psychic Bolts: Moved to her 1. Have the bolts slow infested enemies by the same percentage (up to 80%) and dispel Eximus auras. For a new first ability, Psychic bolts provides defense stripping capabilities, which isn't half bad considering Seeking Shruiken and Sonic Fracture are both tied to the first ability. It also doesn't do much versus infested, which is why I added a slow. In addition being able to disable Ancient auras but not Eximus auras doesn't make sense, so that is fixed. Why is this in theme? When you think of psychic abilities, telekinesis is one of the first things that comes to mind, even though it's not in the definition of being a psychic. Augment: Pacifying Bolts: Recasting the ability explodes the bolts, dealing 200 radiation damage with a 100% proc chance in a 5 meter radius, in addition to sending out new bolts. This is much more convenient than the current singular radiation proc that the augment gives, providing a passive mini-chaos and condition overload stack as you refresh your bolts onto the nearest targets. New 2, Mind Freak: Nyx marks up to 1/2/3/4 targets for 10/20/25/30 seconds. Damaging the enemies or hitting them with her 1 or 3 causes their minds to literally explode in a 2/3/4/5 meter radius, so they just stand there for the remaining duration of the mark (like sleep but without the stealth or fx), creating a damage AoE that deals 100/200/300/400 true damage. Enemies hit by the AoE are staggered, and also take 1.5x damage for the remaining duration of the mark, then linearly less damage until the damage buff is gone for the next 5 seconds. This fits into her theme of manipulating minds, while also giving her a debuff that doesn't rely on preexisting enemy defenses. Augment, Mind Rage: Enemies are enraged and move 1.5x faster, but the damage multiplier is increased by 200%. Think of this as a risk/reward similar to Equinox's rage. But as a singular ability, it has less risk for more reward when you compare this to Equinox. Chaos stays as is. It's a good ability! New 4: Telekinesis Nyx fires a projectile that lasts for 8/10/12/14 seconds, or until the ability key is tapped again. Enemies within 2/3/5/6 meters of this projectile when it is cast are suspended in the air (like post rework lantern) . Tapping the ability again flings all enemies to the reticle - contact between enemies and other enemies deals 250/500/750/1000 Impact damage per contact scaling with the average level of enemies in the initial AoE and staggers/knockdowns the not-suspended enemies. While suspension is active, enemy damage instances are attracted towards the projectile and vanish as soon as they enter the AoE, and is dealt back to enemies within 7/8/9/10m of the bodies of any of the enemies that were thrown, as well as the thrown enemies themselves, after being scaled according to enemy level. Think of this as her current 4, except not centred around her, and it's a scaling damage tool. It also doesn't eat through her energy like nobody's business Augment: Assimilation. Holding the ability key casts what is currently Assimilate on herself. Thoughts?
  9. The murmur grind is still mind numbing as heck. Props for the RNG reduction though.
  10. It hasn’t been patched yet, but it will be.
  11. This tbh. Sadly, won't be for another year or two. She's close to her vaulting, but it's still after Chroma does - meaning around 9 months more, minimum.
  12. A couple things: Keep mission time in the mission progress screen, always, without the need for more button presses. This way the speedrun community doesn't blow up in your face. Also, an issue that's been lying around for a good year or so now: We can't see weapon stats without hovering over the "buy for plat" button in the market, and the fact is, few of us will buy weapons for plat. We tend to opt for the blueprint, but in that case we can't see the stats. Solution? Add the stats above the tabs. Done. That's pretty much the biggest UI issue ingame at the moment. Keep it up, Pablo (And revert the Wukong nerf too)
  13. Hello, and I’d just like to point out that it’s going to be an even larger smoking ruin if they don’t touch anything the player base doesn’t like Right now the Liches are that piece of crap that needs fixing and tweaking, and here we have a nerf to an ability that was valued simply for it’s speed. It’s completely uncalled for, except maybe by the speedrun community.
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