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  1. Type: Loss of functionality Description: If you are downed in your warframe and then the Orphix bubble comes up and someone tried to revive you, you end up in a locked state where you cannot move, act, or be damaged, which means you also cannot extract. Repro: Get downed in your frame in an Orphix area and then have the bubble come up. Have someone try to revive you. Expected result: You should be revived in your frame and immediately dropped to operator mode as if you had walked into the bubble Observed result: total loss of functionality and mission rewards as you can
  2. Since 29.1.0 Primary Kitguns now appearing in your Profile under Equipment as well as the secondary ones, as unique weapons, but my understanding was you can only get MR once for each chamber regardless of what class of weapon it was - so why are they there, or rather if they're supposed to be in both categories why do they not share mastered status?
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