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  1. Since 29.1.0 Primary Kitguns now appearing in your Profile under Equipment as well as the secondary ones, as unique weapons, but my understanding was you can only get MR once for each chamber regardless of what class of weapon it was - so why are they there, or rather if they're supposed to be in both categories why do they not share mastered status?
  2. The thing about the conservation is that all of the animals spawn in the open world, which means you don't have to go through the especially tedious (because it's a) bugged and b) much harder to follow tracks than Fortuna) conservation process. I flew 3 loops of the Drift with my tranq rifle equipped and I've got more than enough tags now to rank up. That said: Tranq rifle highlighting needs serious work so you can find the animals more easily Velocipods don't get highlighted by the tranq right now and need to I don't have a problem with DE adding an alternative means to
  3. Don't do this, just don't. It's not fun and it's not reasonable. It's bad enough that I have to carefully check whether it's more efficient to trade for 1/2/3/4/5 tokens because the costs are all over the place without making the prices for the same number of tokens with the same materials different.
  4. Please please PLEASE let us filter the various token exchange pages - or at the very least differentiate ones we can afford - having to mouseover a dozen items and check each one carefully to see if I've got enough resources to exchange for it is not in any way fun.
  5. Just ran two missions in a row doing a Nightmare (Energy Drain) Mobile Defence on Cressida and both times I spawned a specter (one Vapor, one Phase) which immediately starting attacking the mobile defence target and destroyed it in 2-3 hits.
  6. Count me in - I have completed an Arbitration Mission.
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