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  1. The Plains exterminate bounty that spawns in the small area to the east that requires you to travel through the cave system to reach does not spawn enough enemies to be able to complete it in the time limit. Many of the ships flying them in appear to get stuck on the scenery out of bounds and never make it to area.
  2. TYPE: Ingame DESCRIPTION: Can use other crew's maps to teleport to Railjack from anywhere. In the case of Volatile missions, if you do this during the "escape" phase when you can't normally use the Recall ability, it breaks the scripting and the mission cannot be completed. REPRODUCTION: When not onboard the Railjack, press L, then select the viewpoint of any crewmember onboard the Railjack and click on one of the teleport points on the Railjack map. EXPECTED RESULT: Should not to be able to teleport using someone else's map OBSERVED RESULT: Instantly telepo
  3. Since 29.1.0 Primary Kitguns now appearing in your Profile under Equipment as well as the secondary ones, as unique weapons, but my understanding was you can only get MR once for each chamber regardless of what class of weapon it was - so why are they there, or rather if they're supposed to be in both categories why do they not share mastered status?
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