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  1. Tried to log out and log in again? I gilded my cat and it made no difference.. didnt even get renamed.. but when I logged out and logged in again, it had taken effect
  2. Apparently its either a bug or rng which parts you get out of those.. 😕
  3. I mean tbh I would never advise going into melee range of Valkyr.. 😕 Keep your distance, hide behind pillars (so she doesnt pull you with her ripline), use your best guns, if she screams and gets out her claws, keep jumping and parkouring away until she calms down, and then shoot her from behind the pillars again.
  4. Its not a question of being able to kill stronger stuff.. once youre at that level, its about killing something in 2 bullets that will usually take 4 bullets. Doing a mission in 50 seconds that took you 60 seconds. Min maxing like this is about efficiency. The problem here I'm pointing out is that even if they nerf Roar or Warcry or Eclipse to the ground, like make it even 10% as effective as they usually are, I would still pick any of those over something like Ice Wave or Spectrorage or Pull or Terrify.. why wouldnt I? The latter abilities offer nothing compared to even a tithe of the ef
  5. I mean they already broke it by including SOME of the powerful abilities.. so either give us ALL the powerful ones so there is loads of choice or give ALL the mediocre ones so there is still choice.. with some powerful and some mediocre, there is no choice, we're obviously gonna take all the powerful ones. Duh.
  6. To tldr in meme form, this whole debacle : DE : We'll pick S+ tier abilities from 4-5 warframes, A tier abilities from a handful warframes and D tier abilities from the rest of the dozens of other warframes, for the infusion pool. Players : Choose the S+ tier abilities for most infusions. DE : Surprised pikachu face. I mean when you pick Roar (best ability) for Rhino, not Charge (mediocre ability), but pick Mind Control (mediocre) for Nyx and not Psychic Bolts (best), or pick Warcry (best) for Valkyr, not ripline or paralysis (mediocre), but pick Ice wave (mediocre)
  7. Setting aside the horrible decision to nerf the subsumed abilities (which is classic DE by this point), speaking of the reduction in MR for being able to use this feature is such a bad idea. This feature involves literally destroying your warframes and tinkering and mixing and matching. That kind of feature requires a very deep understanding of warframe abilities and their synergy with other abilities. Players with MR8 are not even "supposed" to have cleared star chart (speedrunners and power levelers aside). They shouldnt/wont even be in possession of frames like Saryn, Nidus, Harrow, et
  8. True, I guess I mostly meant the particularly traumatic Rubico and Catchmoon ones.. :'D
  9. Mk-1 Furax has a base critical chance of 20%.. With True Steel, it increases by 120% . So your total crit chance is 220% which makes it (220/100)x20 = 44% When you do a heavy attack using it, it will apply a critical chance of 240%, so for those specific attacks, your critical chance will increase by 240% due to that mod, making it a total of 340% which makes it (340/100)x20 = 68% Hope this helps :)
  10. A good impression for a new player is feeling powerful and accomplished.. defeating a boss which is merely a regular mob with a boss title has a placebo effect. Not to mention what we consider easy now is not as easy when you take into account that these are players who don't even have mods like Serration or Pressure Point halfway ranked up. Own only MK-1 weapons, starter warframes with no potatoes.. No sense of which element to use against which faction or armor or shield. Hell some people don't even know mods like Serration and Pressure Point are mandatory ones. So yeah, I do feel that
  11. Personally, I would recommend DE start from the end and work their way towards the start. Jackal is actually the first proper boss fight in the game. Earth has no boss (Vay Hek is encountered later) and Venus is the next planet. The jump in skill level needed to do regular missions to straight up Jackal fight is too much in my opinion. We as older players don't feel much of a difference. But environmental hazard, timed parkours, are a bit much for new players who don't have decent mods and are one shot by the laser walls or electric barriers. They are already overwhelmed by the game as i
  12. But there are ways to balance weapons to suit whatever need. Stuff like giving assault rifles innate +3 mts punchthrough and increase headshot damage to matter far more, which would make precision shooting atleast somewhat comparable to explosive weapons which should not get headshot damage bonus, etc. It might not entirely solve the issue but it will reduce it significantly. Even basic stats like damage are not balanced. And explosive weapon should not do as much damage in one explosion as a full AR clip. Explosion damage should be diluted and AR damage should be boosted. Or maybe give many s
  13. So this is the Catchmoon fiasco all over again... I just need to ask.. how does this happen again and again. Weapon is released so blatantly powerful that everyone and their mother is using it. Usage statistics spike. Weapon is nerfed to the ground (Bramma is still not nerfed enough in my opinion, but we'll see). All the people who invested time and resources into these obviously broken weapons are disappointed. How hard is it to see at the conception of a weapon that it is so stupidly overpowered and easy to use that it will no doubt end up in this situation? A weapon that does more
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