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  1. Synoid Heliocor works.. and the double scan widget works.. I farm them using it regularly.
  2. Get yourself a Synoid Heliocor. Go to a orokin derelict mission (Deimos mission now) and kill everything. Youre welcome ^_^ (Synoid Heliocor scans everything you kill with it)
  3. There is no restriction on the amount of plat you can trade based on your rank. The only thing you cant trade is your starter plat that you get when you create an account. Rest if you have plat, you can trade it. What the mastery rank does restrict is the number of daily trade transactions. The number of successful trades per day are limited based on your mastery rank, regardless of how much plat exchanges hands in each trade.
  4. Ohh.. Switch.. my bad. I didnt see the OP's platform O_o
  5. Trinity Prime set is not 500p on the market.. its more like roughly around 120p possibly even 100p if you can find a cheap seller.
  6. Please tell me you see the problem and the irony in the whole situation youre presenting?
  7. Well you kinda can't.. as you rightly guessed the lore reason for it, thats what it is.. You can always tell yourself that it was always like that, make it better on a perspective level. (trying hard not to spoil coz I cant remember how to put the spoiler tag 😛)
  8. Damage/MS/CC/CD and reload speed imo are the best stats for that weapon.. slash too if you get it in a roll along with the other stats.. its slash is slightly lower than the other ips.. so a slash stat does make it slash dominant as well :)
  9. Definitely 1st one.. the secondary fire is amazing with crit stats.
  10. Huh I didnt know that. I went back to test though and apparently I dont have the rifle bane mods yet 😛 so testing is gonna need to wait till Baro brings them around again. Thanks for the tip tho 😄
  11. Does it do just as well without the Rhino buff tho? Hammer shot is really underrated tho. Works on weapons like Soma P, Stradavar P, etc beautifully.. Status does get important as enemy levels increase
  12. Hmm I havent tried that.. might need to test it 😄
  13. Theyre available from Cephalon Simaris' shop
  14. That works as well.. I would recommend [Vigilante Fervor] for the last slot in that build. Anyways, I use Corrosive personally because even though Soma Prime procs a lot of slash procs, due to its low base damage, its hard to rely on them entirely to take out high level enemies because the slash procs themselves don't do very high damage per tick. So corrosive build works as it normally would on any other weapon and the slash procs just add to the dps. Atleast corrosive + HM works better in my simulacrum testing when compared to viral + HM or pure Slash + HM...
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