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  1. The launcher has been having some issues with crashing since the latest update. Many other people have had that issue.. Mine crashes 3-4 times but atleast loads up. You can put in a support ticket with DE and they should be able to help you out. Keep that crash report number (the WAR-2735969 one) noted if they ask for it.
  2. If youre new, I always say, focus on the quests.. they guide you through everything essential to get the basic understanding of the game. And they will lead you along the path you need to go on the star chart as well
  3. Build for crit. Blood Rush, Drifting Contact, etc.. you can even fit in the Sacrificial set and make it really powerful
  4. Heh Heh just what I was going to say. Actually its a great time for us :) we have been given a reason to stay inside AND not go out to work and get to play games? its awesome.. just the disease is a bit of bummer but as long as everyone stays safe 👍
  5. I don't think thats applied in survivals? I've farmed hour long survivals with clanmates and some of us would go afk for upto 3-4 minutes, maybe more.. as long as we were there at the end of the wave to select the reward (in case of fissure) or select another relic, I've never seen a person booted.. Though to be honest, I didnt even know there was an afk penalty in the first place.
  6. Umm.. who makes builds for stalkers and acolytes? Theyre so weak that you don't even need specific builds for them. Same for Zealoid and/or Wolf... As for eidolons and orbs, theyre niche boss battles for which people have a separate weapon and loadout set up entirely. The core game, which is what most people minmax for, the endless survivals, the dealing with crowds, like 90% of the game.. that is dominated fully by status due to the insane armor scaling that renders crit builds useless past level 80. They are changing that eventually but thats a different discussion. For the moment, status is absolutely crucial beyond level 80-100. You can have red crits and still not do jack S#&$ because the damage reduction that enemies have due to exceptionally high armor is just too much for crit numbers to cope with. You need atleast a hybrid to deal with high level enemies. Pure crit can't do much.
  7. Status has ALWAYS been calculated on individual pellet basis even now. Just that we cannot see the per pellet status chance. If you have 99% status chance and your gun has 10 pellets, your per pellet status chance right now is 9.9% Once you hit 100%, all 10 pellets have 100% each. That is NOT going to change. The only difference is that theyre putting that stat up there to see. Thats the only difference in the mechanic.. AND they said in the devstream that theyre buffing the status chance of all shotguns as well as buffing up the base status increase mod. So yes, it will be possible, easier even to get more than 100% true status. As for meta weapons? I don't know what game youre playing but kuva kohm, catchmoon, hek/vaykor hek (since its riven buff), sobek, Ogris, etc just dominate the meta.. along with other AoE weapons like Bramma and all ofcourse. Acceltra was literally dominant for like a couple months while it was new.. a fair few people use it still but not a lot. Same with the Nukor.. its a gimmick and new and only really good if you have a good riven for it. Without it, the other guns I mentioned above just wreck everything.
  8. I didn't read the dev workshop notes in detail but I watched the devstream that they discussed it in and they repeatedly mentioned getting status chance above 100% and how if that was achieved, each pellet could cause 2 status procs at once. Same or separate. And if they did, the secondary proc would have enhanced effects. If that is true, although how that is achieved we don't know, but if it is so, then as I said, shotguns will be op. I agree I'm not clear yet if its a buff or a nerf to shotguns. But my point stands that if it IS a buff, then it is absolutely an unnecessary one because status shotguns literally dominate the game at the moment and don't need to be touched. And if they intend to balance the weapons knowing status shotguns are op, they should be buffing auto weapons and ARs and crit heavy weapons to bring them up to the level of status shotguns, not try to knock shotguns down.
  9. I'm going to go against the grain here and say a few of these are quite possibly the worst changes (on paper, since we don't know how they will work out). Conceptually speaking, these changes affect the game negatively even though at first glance it seems that stuff will be better. Starting with most importantly, removal of self damage. Unless AoE weapons are nerfed by a massive degree (reducing their damage to 1/5th of single target weapons), this change will do exactly the opposite of what Scott was saying their goal was in the devstream. And that is, to make the players deviate from the 1-2 cookie-cutter builds and bring in variation. The self damage was like the counter, a check and balancing factor for extremely destructive weapons. With that gone, why would anyone use anything other than the Kuva Bramma or any equivalent weapon? You get to obliterate entire rooms at the expense of a little stagger. No risk, just massive reward. As it is, auto rifles and most single target weapons were almost obscure due to the game relying heavily on killing swarms of enemies at once. With this change, 90% of the weapons will become obsolete. This is an indirect nerf to 90% of the weapons in the game. Secondly, the status proc changes. Just a couple weeks ago, we got a buff to crit mods because status was king with Condition Overload. Since then, crit builds have made a decent showing and are doing well. But even so, 100% status chance shotguns are already some of the best weapons in the game. With the upcoming buffs with status chance and the ability to build beyond 100%, they're going to be even more powerful and more meta, making auto/non-pellet weapons sink into worse state. Crit was just starting to rise and I'm afraid it will go back to being the weaker build with this change. Third, changes to arcanes. The changes to functionality are good, but acquisition, it would be great if the eidolons were still the only way to get them. Maybe give the token system to Konzu so instead of rng, we can buy arcanes from him using tokens gotten from eidolon bounties. Plains of Eidolon is already getting left behind in terms of activity. Arcanes from eidolons are the only reason people go to the plains and if that is gone, it would be deserted. Lastly, the changes to armor and infested being stronger in melee, Makes sense on a conceptual level, but while Warframe does intend to reward mobility, it severely hampers people like me (few though we might be) who prefer to lead a melee combat style. As a Valkyr main, the changes to armor (her biggest advantage anymore) and the obstacles in melee playstyles make me anxious. I would request the devs to take into regard the concerns of players who don't enjoy gunplay as much and like to actually play like a ninja, indulging in melee. The rest of the changes, especially making other damage types relevant and the QoL changes are very nice and I'm excited for them. Hope though the above points are considered.
  10. I run Hydroid.. tanky, good cc to protect the module and Pilfering Swarm helps get more life support drops so you never run low.
  11. What part are you stuck at exactly?
  12. I know.. :) but thats what my point was.. so is Nyx.. can cc entire rooms, strip armor/shields/ancients buffs entirely, can go invulnerable.. very underrated but powerful kit.
  13. Whoa whoa whoa there bud.. If youre gonna give a hyperbolic example, atleast make a true one :'D Like Mag's abilities 😄
  14. Selling the following rivens : Pennant riven price - 900p... Rest are up for best offer! Feel free to DM me here - Fair offers only pls :)
  15. I think these are all very good steps in the right direction. Although despite the fact that this might be an unpopular opinion, I rather enjoyed the fact that the lich could kick your ass if you got the sequence or mod wrong. All that needed to be done was remove the death from it. Please leave the "back break and toss aside" move. As was rightly stated in the devstream that announced the lich system, we tenno could use some ass kicking once in a while. We're too powerful and undefeated for our own good. Just dying to it was just a step too far and needs to be removed.
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