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  1. I use Viral on my Cryotra with my Moa.. and you can use Stasis Field and Shockwave precepts to give the Moa survivability. Along with Link Health and Link Armor, I usually find its enough. I dont even use Shockwave really.. I use the Stasis Field and Whiplash Mine.. the latter offering a lot of good cc
  2. You can put gladiator or even vigilante mods on the sentinel weapons and get the set bonus because the bonus for those mods isnt restricted to the weapon.. In case of sacrificial mods, the only bonus you'll get is a slight increase of damage against sentients which isnt much at the moment since sentient enemies are rare. And yeah I can agree that there are builds which make Deconstructor Prime a good weapon, but Sacrificial mods arent part of it I can tell that much. Its a wasted forma/mod on the sentinel weapon.
  3. The set bonus is still calculated off the base crit chance.. so whether its 60% crit chance or 90% crit chance.. its 60 or 90 percent of zero.. which is zero. Even the gladiator set would not work on a weapon with 0% crit.. Gladiator set works like blood rush.. its calculated on the crit stats. Maiming Strike is the only mod I can recall that is straight up additive and will add 90% crit chance on a slide attack even if your weapon has zero percent crit chance.
  4. Damage/MS/CC/CD and reload speed imo are the best stats for that weapon.. slash too if you get it in a roll along with the other stats.. its slash is slightly lower than the other ips.. so a slash stat does make it slash dominant as well :)
  5. Definitely 1st one.. the secondary fire is amazing with crit stats.
  6. I personally use this build. High Voltage/Stormbringer instead of the riven before I had that (unfortunately I have no screenshots of then)
  7. Tbh theyre trying to slow us down because those missions arent meant to be done fast.. and I cannot help but agree with them. Slow us down more even in regular missions and give us separate missions to specifically be fast 😄
  8. It would be FAR better than the archwing version of it because AW controls are horribly clunky. While we do have a lot of control over warframe mobility. Hope it has large patches of ability nullified areas though so people can not rely entirely on operators.
  9. Yeah it solved for me after the hotfix that day :) good thing its working for you too now
  10. The shiny metals are back! Praise the lord!! 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌
  11. I just use Falcor with him for two reasons.. 1] Aesthetically it fits his tech/futuristic look 2] With Condition Overload, it can really synergize well with his abilities that can stack a lot of statuses.
  12. Its a matter of personal preference.. Thats the beauty of kitguns you know. Splat is probably the more popular one, but I personally prefer Killstream because of my awful fps habit of reloading every chance I get.
  13. For the most part, if youre new, I would recommend just following the path that your quests take.. they will show you most of the stuff.. like whats your foundry, pets, arsenal, etc etc. once youre past a junction or two, then you can read up a bit in the wiki about mods and how to mod warframes and weapons. This game has a bit of a learning curve but I have most often thought that it teaches better with experience than instruction. There is no downside to losing/defeat and no mistake that is game altering. Just a couple of tips is, dont spend your starter plat too soon, save it for slots (WF and/or weapon) and be careful what weapons/warframes you're selling off :) And dont let anyone in trade chat sell you anything too expensive. Most of the stuff you'll /need/ until you hit atleast Ceres or Jupiter, is very cheap
  14. I wouldnt recommend solo extractions for non-endless missions. It already triggers if two or more people from the squad are in the extraction zone. Thats good enough imo. It saves time when someone joins a mission late or spawns at the beginning, is stuck, bugged or lost. Especially if its you at the back and you can just have the team extract instead of having to run all the way. Not to mention not failing the mission if youre dead and your revives are finished. It might be acceptable in ideal scenarios but those are rare. I'm glad for the solo possible extractions in endless missions so people arent held hostage, but I wouldnt go for it in non-endless missions.
  15. In addition to the options above, I would recommend trying the Ignis.. Its a mastery rank 5 weapon and it will make that test much easier
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