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  1. Vauban would love that gun. If it left a little aoe after it killed some 1, cool idea. The haters have 0 combat vision to see the useful fun. There's a mod to speed the travel time up. Haha
  2. I'm going to start this off with, yes I know there's khora. However I'm not much of cat person and theres no such thing as an attack cat, or cat stunt trainers maybe lol. So I've been playing with an idea of a mercenary with animal companion buffs and cc traps . That has a kubrodon follow his commands, like khoras' vaneri. Oberon helps with this squad too. It even be coolt to have khora with kavat glyph and the opposite pairing for this frame. Now I know the comment we don't need two pet frames, will surface. I'll argue and point out how many speed frames we have already. In a world where ability becomes obsolete and the gun you carry matters this frame would see the light of day. The first ability should buff allies combat prowess and bullet damage not laser. Second controls kubro tactics. Third a trap or ied of some sorta concept. Forth a stealth based where the dog gets behind you and low crawls until you command for something to be very helpful, if your inside a strangle dome and have a vaneri running around you could just sit back with khora and play a shwazin.... His passive I think should be a bit designed around the effect of your doggo getting the final hit from stealth.and the doggo will retrieve any guns you have disarmed. His signature gun a smg style primary, paired with a gun blade that looks and works like "guntlets" wrist mounted pistol. If they add the additional kill animations they mentioned in or after tennocon, you could have the star wars commado wrist blade added to it for cqc finishers. Augments can be for changing type of trap and type of bullet damage bonus with energy color. Like chroma or chromatic blade. I feel like, it could be a good idea, alot of fun with alot of frame composition. I'm not an artist, so I can't draw this up and hit the ground running persay. I'm seeing like the solider/infiltrater class from Mass effect(combat boost and bullet modifications with stealth) with a dog. It be cool to see all the rivalry in cetus between the two. Could even have another node to call the pits where it's like "glorified dog fighting" like the krogan homeworld, or in kabal Irl. You have to fight against this criminal grineer element. To stop the fight ring. And earn the frame. The boss could even use the quatz and have kubros donned in the armor from the set. High armor. Low shields. Med level health for stat levels. Balanced energy. Basic for energy drain (25- 50- 75- 100). Whatever the rifle damage aura mod for aura polarity.
  3. I'm sick of limits in a game it makes no sense games are for testing and pushing to those limits. de is lame for this. The limits and the not making the echos last longer than a day is a waste of good idea. It's a S#&$ty attempt at disguising rind with content. Why can't it stay for longer. I don't see it as super op.it wont use abilities, so it doesn t matter what frame it is. It's just the weapons. In WARFRAME the frame yet again doesn't matter lol. Honestly lets us make or favorite frame sentient. Not all of them that's useless if they wont use abilities. This is one most lackluster poorly thought of feature. The day long thing is kinda dum. Now you gotta get on do a disruption and than nightwave grind. I miss playing the game my way.
  4. So I have this very small clan very ancient order themed dojo. Our own yt 1300 orokin class frieghter. A maze an orokin style mintoaurs axe remnants of ancient war tech. Arcadian gardens like a hanging gardens of Babylon vibe. A black market. A dojo that pays tribute to an ancient way. A warm vibe with floof and ayatan hunt . Don't forget about the obstacle courses. Only need a whopping 4600 mutagen sample to complete hema. And we'll have full research. To finish the past plague star statue just 69 hemocyte cystolysts. Is there anyone out there that has a bunch of these they'd be willing to donate. I won't ever kick you from the clan. We have no rules and regulations. Except the contribute. But with these contributions you become a founder of the clan. Pm on Xbox for details or inquire further on here
  5. Looking for barrel. I'll even trade a wolf sledge. I'm in game now at the profile name.
  6. I've been farming Lua and I'm almost to the point of boredom and giving up.i wanna farm manic for my ash systems now. I didn't know how mastery worked when I made the whole-war. I only need one blade. I dont know how much it should be. I'll start my offer at 100plat or a wolf sledge set
  7. Forma and gilding are a part of the game. Yea it's sucks to waste forma for 3000. if you're one that got the umbral forma first week, by the time you've accumulated required rank. you realized you're could've skipped nine weeks damn near, so complaining about a challenge here or there is moot. Maybe you don't like it someone out there has 1000s of forma and that's easy for them. but unfortunately I assure you it will be there that's as end game as it gets unless you can grind out hour long survival in one spot with meta gear and mods that we can learn from YouTube. Without getting tired than power to you hahahahahaha worst thing about warframe is the rare breed of fans are never happy, the people that like most likely don't waste their time comlaining, unless there just kissing ass trying to get free S#&$. Pathetic. Obviously Im not talking about general public only the few that are in fact doing this. They'll not even message. But the ones I offend sure will. I'm not sorry that your criticism over a FREE game that's has more content than any effing game right. Than I'm not gonna waste my time with your troll like tendency to retort one or two sentences of mine.
  8. howzit tennos , Prime time. It was great you guys were no filterish than usual. I'm not worried about not getting the ducats, probably an issue on my end being a new month, I have 4000. The war without comic should be selectable for display in orbiter. I think it would do well. The opticor vandal- I love it considering I wasn't a fan for opticor and it got some negative hype. I realized the power just not my okay type. Can't wait for a look into the ninkondi being prime since there all polearms. Or even those sparring iron arm rings and a stance for it, like you see in Kung Fu hustle. Would be a cool weapon with atlas getting a deluxe. And the tatsu I'm a big fan of this playing the kenshi from for Honor solely because of my love of samurai. This I my jam. Even making it revenant signature it's like you're after my heart. Now throw him some awesome Mesmer skin augments. And we gonna get a graxx skin tennogen fans speak up hahaha whom do i gotta talk to? Everyone Xbox baro will be here tomorrow get those relics cracked
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