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  1. I'm not good at lunario but it be cool to watch o twitch and mixer or even so I'm not trying to be apart of it in creation and credit. I'm the community. I'm hoping to reach out the more creative or someone who could figure out better to make this happen. I wanna see Warframe live forever
  2. Grineer squad a corpus team corrupted bonus could even be a fissure and you get radiant and can open a relic win or lose or just win? A cetus and fortuna squad. I'm seeing fan art and ship decorations sigils and glyphs even nightwave challenges that can be inspired from this that people could love or hate like play three lunario matches...
  3. I just thought about but I'm one of those random thinkers so I'm going to just throw this out there and hope we can refine this and bring some life to dark sides of the game. No negative connotation like actual light. We could have streamers as team captins and they host try outs so the teams rotate [DE] hopefully got behind it had refs and rules and even could have the championship match on primetime. We can get tennogen design inspired armors for team sync. Even events based on lunario and with this in mind it be based less on mission grind, more reward in play and experience and less in rew
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