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  1. Would never use it, but if something like this, then maybe do it for the whole game, like "Camera shaking: ON/OFF" (Invasions, ...). +1 because non-ridiculous customization rules.
  2. Open random video game manual an read the warnings refering to health. Should be saying something like "Do a break of 15 minutes for each hour played". Problem solved. I love shaking screens, that immersion!
  3. "Incoming Missile: 5", "[...]4", "[...]3", "[...]2", "[...]1", Flares! So this skill can be used effectively. Totally supporting this as long as it's decent. Don't want to lose even more clarity on what should be shot.
  4. Didn't have a problem with 'dat.
  5. Well, in fact there COULD be something done for this which wouldn't need too much coding. Unfortunately I don't have any screenshots left, but back in the times of closed beta, the number of mod slots a weapon / warframe had was visible in the way of small blue LED-like dots. You could use those dots again to show the amount of Formas used on a weapon / frame. Looked really cool when you had 7-10 of those dots on your equipment IMO. Just a proposition...
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