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  1. Granted however you can only eat skittles for the rest of your life I wish for a warframe based on the game's bugs
  2. True 😂, I haven't been here in quite some time so got real confused
  3. Wow that's actually pretty helpful, thank you for taking the time to do this 😁
  4. The struggles of potato squad 😓
  5. It has a good processor but the graphics card limits it to a max average of 20fps, on Fortuna and POE, it goes about 10fps on max performance. Can't really perform anything intense with it
  6. Oh hey, it's still active 😮
  7. I wouldn't mind the wait 😁. That's actually interesting, if there were plans to upgrade the laptop for graphic cards, would it be possible?
  8. I see, what is the framerate like with and without ethernet?
  9. Yup, occasionally I just spend on plat or certain unvaultings to support DE, however without proper hardware, I don't see me being able to enjoy the game or the purchases in the long run
  10. True PCs are way better but as of now a laptop would be a better option for me as a Uni student since I use it both for leisure and studies
  11. I'll upgrade the hardware in that case, but then the next question is, what would be an affordable laptop to save up for? I currently have eyes on the Acer Nitro 5, is it good or are there any better options?
  12. Hey there Tenno, just a quick question, is it worth it to spend on the current prime access or save up and upgrade the current hardware I have? Currently I'm deciding between grinding for the new primes vs. buying them vs. saving up to upgrade my current potato prime The logic I have is if I buy it, I'll have plat and primes are obtained instantly, cons include being stuck with a 1-3fps microwave with zero multiplayer due to hardware unable to handle it. Pros of saving up for a better laptop instead would mean I can finally awaken from the cryopod of lag while cons just include no prime accessories since the relics can be grinded for. What would be the better decision?
  13. Go to Twitch and have an account and link your WarFrame Account to Twitch by going to the official WarFrame website. Log in and link it from your profile
  14. Wait so what kind of bundle is going to drop this time? :O
  15. Welcome to GrindF-I mean WarFrame! Feel free to ask for help on the forums and we'll be around to assist whenever we can! Hope to see you guys in-game soon! 😃
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