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  1. I'm not 100 percent sure but I heard the problem was that the weapon change accidentally buffed certain enemies and they reverted the change til they could deal with enemies becoming way more powerful than intented thanks to the weapon changes. It is a weekly thursday stream broadcast on twitch, youtube, and mixer where some of the DE staff play the game on pc with viewers and give some updates on things that have come out in recent patches or events. Fyi they do also have a Xbox stream on Monday, a PS4 stream on Tuesday, a switch stream on Wednesdays, and about every 2 weeks a developer stream talking about new upcoming content on Fridays. During all streams if you watch on twitch or mixer they pick random viewers and give them prizes(any warframe player can claim the prizes of that particular days stream if they get picked by DE, no matter what platform they play on) just for watching.
  2. We are on week 7 and DE has previously said they want this first nightwave to last at least about 10 weeks so you should have about 3 weeks left
  3. I feel insulted too especially by the fact that nightwave gifts out two forma x3 bundles as tier rewards for all your hard work only to come back and ask you not once but twice already to use all that forma within a given week Honestly what is next DE something like reroll rivens until you have used 20k kuva seeing as that is the amount that nightwave rewards players with.
  4. Each rank after 30 awards the player 15 wolf credits
  5. Yeah so this statement just isnt true while the tier rewards are better, the wolf cred offering is literally what was in alerts so definitely not better than what alerts offered. The only things in cred offerings that weren't in alert are a few new weapon skins and the wolf ornament; also technically alerts offered more stuff cuz they also offered on top of the curent cred offerings: all resources, void traces, kavat dna, kubrow eggs, forma blueprints, random mods including nightmare mods, and of course credits.
  6. Here is my idea on how you guys could make it faster while also letting people choose thier difficulty. You mention using more coolant will increase difficulty and speed up the process but you dont specfic exactly how(like does it shorten time?, hand out more thermia?, etc.). So here is just what happened to pop into my head as I read the post. To start you could let people put up to 4 coolant canisters at once and the fight would get more difficult with new and stronger enimies like was mentioned in the post but here's where my idea kicks in, at the end you would be rewarded either with: -one canister that would be filled based on the amount used like for example if you use 2 coolant you get 1 canister half full or if you use 4 you get a fully done canister OR -each canister you use would be returned with 1 stage worth of progress meaning you still need to close 4 fractures but depending on how many coolant canister you use at once you could finish the 4 fractures with up to 4 coolant canisters done Now just an extra idea as for how to deal with how long it take to close the fractures based on the current system. It would be cool if you guys used something like what hack and free the fortuna prisoners part of bounties does. As you know in those missions enimies drop data keys that help speed up the hacking and the mission overall. My idea is you could have slightly stronger units spawn throughout the fracture closing that drop a chemical/item that interacts with the coolant something like "coolant enhancer" and this could be pick up and delivered to the coolant so that it can speed up the fracture closure rate. Last thing I agree with the idea that there should be a bounty or misson so you can group up easily with people who want to close fractures especially going forward when the event keeps comes around again and again since not everybody might have need to play it as much as the first time they do. The bounty could show up only when needed(like the cetus ghoul purge bounties) and could act like the Cetus Eidilons bounties, where they aren't so much a specfic mission set by the system but instead a way to group up fast with people trying to do the same thing as you at that moment.
  7. But you really didnt answer what the person asked, They wanted a valid reason why we can't we have both at the same time. You mentioned the reasons why the alert system needed changes but what the person was trying to get at is why can't we have both systems at one given that the infastruce for alerts still exists and is not being used by nightwave. What im sure they were getting at is that they would prefer if could have alerts for those who want to hit up and try thier luck with alerts and we can have nightwave for those who prefer gaining currency and paying for nightwave rewards. The truth is if you prefer the new nightwave because it gets rids of the random time limited gate that existed for alert rewards then thats great, but that doesn't answer why both systems can't exist simultaneously and work in union so that everybody from newbies to veterans can get stuff at a rate that they believe is fair using the method that they prefer.
  8. So apparently DE decided this week that it is ok if a challenge is something that tells people when to use forma and when to guild a modular item. While this isnt crazy hard these are things that players should do at thier own pace not something where you have to force your self to do it within one particular week just for challenge points. Also making using forma as a challenge is not a good idea especially for new players. This again isnt so much about difficulty but because its making them put forma into weapon or warframes they still dont completely understand which means they might forma giving polarities they might think are good only to find out when they are advance players that some or all of the polarities were a waste of time and forma causing them to have to use even more forma to fix thier original mistakes. Some people will say, but newbies make those mistakes already anyways and while this is true its a little different when your telling people use 3 formas quick. Imagine a newbie who has a bit of forma and thanks to this challenges put all that forma into one of the starter weapons not because they want to but because it is all they have at the moment and since its a challenge they now have to do it or miss out on points.
  9. Yeah I agree with people so far that 5 Sorties is a little much, if no other reason than your gonna need to be able to play around 1 hr on 5 different days to finish the challenge. I mean the dailies are around for 3 days to make sure people have time to do them without logging in everyday but this week if you cant log in almost everyday to play you end up missing a challenge, and not because of lack of skill or inability to do them(not far enough in the story, etc.) but because you have a life/family/job/other commitments that keep you from being able to game 24/7. I personally think 3 sorties max for a week as a challenge because to do the all dailies in a week you would have to log in at least 3 times anyways. ———— While I understand the sentiment the alert system while still a way better alternative to this new nightwave system had multiple issue of its own. There were actually many people asking for changes to the alert system for quite a while, which is what probably lead to nightwave in the first place. People were not happy that you could miss a great alert while sleeping or away from the game only to not see the alert for that item again for weeks sometimes. Veteran players also wanted the alerts to get better reward items because at a certain point the alert rewards became almost useless to them and made alerts feel like they were basically for newbies. The only thing is I just dont think most people expected random mostly new player friendly alerts to be replaced with a battle pass aimed at more advance players and that requires so much work and commitment that it would actually make most people miss random limited time alerts. So while understand the otter frustration with nightwave and agree that I would prefer alerts to come back, its just not true or fair to say that nobody had issues with alerts.
  10. Ok so first most games can be mastered the more you play so if you have been playing Warframe for 1 or 2+ years...yeah i would expect that player to be skilled and able to do things in the game i can only dream about. Second yeah the teir rewards are nice but if you really read the comments you would have realized that the biggest compliant is the wolf credits and how they are handed out. Everybody before nightwave could do a quick mission and get mods, auras, resources, credits, nintain, alt helm/weapon blue print, kavat dna, kubrow eggs, orokin catalyst/reactor, etc. This new system lets veteran and skilled players get amazing cool rewards sure but it locks newbie and under skilled players from all that alert stuff now. There are newbies out there that wont even be teir 3 til week 3, are you really ok telling them oh well that getting nintain took you 3 weeks now but at least i get some umbral forma so its for the best. Third stating that DE is tailoring to mostly begginers is ridiculous, advance players have been given sorties, arbitration, elite sanctuary, eidilons, orb mothers(with more orb bosses coming in the future), and even more content coming down the road. Now if you mastered all that content or wish it was harder and it is now all easy for you then Congratulations, no seriously if your that good then congrats cuz i hope to be able to be that great at Warframe one day. Unfortunately even if your that good where everything is too easy and you wish it would have taken you longer to reach that point, doesn't mean that DE making things that anybody including newbies could get in mintues before into a gigantic grind fest is a great thing. Alerts was a system that was for everybody no matter skill/mr/time played/equipment/etc.; Now alerts are gone and all we have is Nightwave a system that caters to those with skills, lots of time to play, and the right equipment. This is the reason why so many comments say why cant we have both, or why cant wolf credits be easier to acquire, or why cant nightwave and the new cred store be two different entities, etc. Most people dont want to make getting those really nice teir rewards extremely easy for everybody, what most people want is for newbies to be able to get the stuff they "need" easily by doing what they are able to like in the alerts system while letting veterans get the new stuff they "want" by putting in some work(though the amount of work for reward is still a bit iffy seeing as we have things like a one hour survial this week is equal to one sortie last week somehow) In the end your entitled to your opnion as is everybody but please dont belittle people by saying what people are doing is crying or saying that everybody just wants stuff handed to them. These post for the most part are about the flaws people see in the new system and about potiental ideas to remedy those flaws. If you want to post that you disagree with what you are seeing people suggest and that you actually like the system then your welcome to as is everybody, just please be civil and dont try make fun of people who have a different view point, in the end the only one that ends up looking childish is you. You could have easily say you disagree with people and that you like it and the reason why you like it, so based on your comment you could have said something like that you think it engages players more and makes the rewards feel earned. See its a simple answer but one that can express your feeling without having to take a jab or trying to degrade anybody else's opnion/suggestions/post.
  11. And speaking of help new players might not get any more...I can tell you I know a fair share of players who used to stock up on alert stuff and if they saw a newbie asking in one of the chats for an alert mod like energy siphon, rejuvenation, corrosive projection, or whatever they would just gift it to the newbie cuz as the saying says easy come, easy go. With this new system after working for hours or days to get those wolf coins who is gonna buy an extra mod with their precious limited coins but assuming for a moment they did, who is really just then gonna gift it after so much hassle. Most likely now if players do get extra alert mods they are just gonna sell them because after so much tedious work to get wolf coins its gonna be hard to just give things away anymore. I mean the warframe community is amazing so I could end being wrong but im pretty positive I wont be.
  12. Deleted cuz post turn out wrong and posted a fixed post already
  13. After trying the new nightwave system I think the teir rewards are great and I totally appreciate all the hard work that must have gone into this simultaneous update release but I really feel strongly that wolf credits shouldn't be tied to this teir system instead I think it would be better if the wolf credits were handed out by some othe means like possibly the challenges themselves. You could have the challenges give out wolf credits based on standing so 1000 could give 1 credit, 3000 could give 3 credits, 5000 could give 5 credits, etc.. The reason I suggest a change like this is because for new players this system feels almost punishing. The old system let player do a mission and instantly get something they wanted/needed. Now instead newer players are forced to spend tons of time(many hours or even days) doing missions for nightwave standing instead of taking the game at thier own pace just to hopefully get enough standing in one week to get some credits so maybe they will able to get something as simple as 5 nitain extract, an aura mod, or a piece of vauban. I also fear that players worrying about getting wolf credits will be so desperate for standing that they will attempt challenges(sorties, edilons, onslaught, etc.) they are not equipped or ready for and in the process might get scared away from some content. The other problem is players who are ready will end up encountering lots of inexperienced player who aren't ready which will ultimately make it an unenjoyable experience for all involved. I know the warframe community is great and loves to help but even experienced players(which i dont claim to be fyi) can't solo everything if they get paired with 3 newbies who are attempting content too advance for them. And just because I saw it suggested by others I would like to say I think some sort of combination of the old and new system would be a interesting idea. You could have slightly revamped old alerts offer all the things that aren't included in the new system and possibly have them offer super rare alerts that could offer small amounts of wolf credits just so agian the new system won't feel so punishing to newer players.
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