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  1. I agree, with trying to find room for them it can be difficult. Can there be a slot at the top that is similar to Exilus and Aura, but only for the augments mods?
  2. 1. At the top of modding a Warframe next the Exilus slot can there be one added for Warframe augments? Since these mods are similar to an Aura or Exilus mod. 2. In the settings will there be an option that you can set what Mastery rank you want to join you (like you can set your ping). 3. When playing the Index players tend to drag out turning in points, when other players aren't trying to spend all day trying to finish. can the penalization for players carrying more than 20 points if they don't turn in after a certain period of time. 4. Can credits, platinum, and grineer zip lines be added as decorations to the Dojo. 5. When is Gas city stuff going to be added to the Dojo. 6. When moving rooms around in the Dojo it takes some time, So will we be a rearrange rooms with out destroying the stuff in them and the rooms them selves. 7. With my clan i cannot remove the Orokin room to redesign the Dojo layout to says "Room cannot be destroyed while there are active projects being build inside!" When there are no active projects being built, but there are 2 undeployed rails rails due to the dark sectors being shut down. Will there be any way to remove these rails in the future? 8. When will we be able to donate articulas to the Dojo? 9. When will we be able to get rid of whole floors in the Dojo instead of room by room? 10. Will there be a clear all button in you gear wheel that just removes all of the items in your gear wheel but doesn't get rid of said items?
  3. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1rzN6kPP3WR6YQ-enFS9hA032owx70Vp2/view?usp=drivesdk I drew Mesa the way I picture her. I always pictured her a BA kind of woman, helping whom ever she can no matter the consequences (explaining the sigils on her shirt.) Always showing off her skill at high noon while people always hid, while facing an enemy because they challenged her. Always grinning under her mask because she new she always would win. I don't really know if this picture looks good but I tried, and I was never really good with hands. Also my first fan art 🙂
  4. I was watching the whole stream and didn't the drop.
  5. 1.) Will there ever a super rare thing that your able to get where you can max out a warframe or weapon without a cost? (but it would have to be a .01 drop rate) 2.) In the future for the Christmas decorations and others like, will the be shown throughout the ship, not just the front? 3.) How often will the Wolf Hunt come back? 4.) Will there ever be a "Clear all" button for the gear wheel? 5.) Will all the stuff on the vendors tables tables in Fortuna and Cetus be sell-able. For example the cups in the Ventkids clubhouse? 6.) Will there be away to see how many times someone has forma-ed something?
  6. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1lbi1xhTfyzelMcZZXoTwmdHBDt22Jmp0/view?usp=drivesdk
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