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  1. YES!! I had to get my dad's permission to call and he flipped because of the charges!! LOL I even used billboard systems for my Commodore 64 On topic though... I'm speculating but I don't think so. DE has shown to be one of the better companies out there as far as monetization (they disabled a feature long ago because it was a slot-machine type mechanic and people were using it too much, can't remember the specifics though) Being an old programmer, I think it probably comes down to dev time. There's enough in the tutorial to get going as I stated before but would be pretty time consuming to re-do things for new players every time some new mechanic or change is introduced.
  2. Heh! I'm 47. Without Google "back in my day", we played the game and learned, read the instruction book, used Prima guides...etc. Also, games back in my day weren't nearly as complex. -1 internet for you.
  3. So self-educating, self-reliance is elitism? Better we rant and cry that no one is holding our junk and guiding us through it with all details sprawled out on a silver platter? C'mon now. There's only so much a developer can do. There's a billion mechanics incorporated in Warframe and new stuff plus changes being added quite often. If the tutorial included a spoon-fed description of every mechanic, it would be a whole game in itself and with the constant updates, absorb a ton of dev time. I got enough out of the tutorial to get going BY MYSELF and taught myself the rest...so that is elite? Cool! I'm elite...i guess?
  4. Devil's advocate here. I just got my day 750 login reward (missed some time though playing other games). I'm 99% solo and taught myself the game via YouTube and Google. I'm MR28 (54k from 29) and only duo with one friend of mine sometimes. When I get stuck, I read, watch and learn. Not that hard if you like the gameplay. Edit: Corrected MR info
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