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  1. I would like to point out PublikDomain's post on page 1, also that the operation rewards are too expensive for the payout.
  2. How easy was it to understand the new Operation and what you have to do to succeed? Very easy. How was using a Necramech in a “normal” tileset? Adequate but the camera was not ideal, and it feels quite slippery. As good as it could be. Tile problem, not mechanics issue. Did you have any difficulty finding or using a deactivated Necramech? N/A How did you find the pacing of the Operation missions and rewards? Doing all 3 missions to completion rewarded not enough points to get a single reward, much less a full set reward such as a gun or the frame. Disgustingly
  3. If there is it certainly isn't something I could remember where was. It's basically an easter egg at this point, but also essential for a few of the frames to work. That's what we call bad game design. In total agreement. I am coming at it from the other side where I picked up Khora as my favourite frame, shortly after trying her out for the first time, and found her very fun to play. But having to choose between "my kit works" and "my melee weapon works" is massively frustrating. I find the very concept of using a statstick insulting, because it essentially demands that you sacrifice
  4. Undo the LoS change, make her whip Exalted. It really is that simple.
  5. Considering how Venari was "fixed" to do the opposite of what the ability hints described of healing objective, and now Khora got her second nerf based on a benefit that no longer exists; I wonder if we can see some more frames get nerfed for content that does not exist. I always though Fatal Teleport would have been too good if it affected bosses, so I think that can have its damaged halved at the very least. Not to mention Xaku's void damage would be very powerful if it worked on tridolon hunts so I think that ought to have its energy cost increased by at least 200. Which is a salty way
  6. Agreed. Spot-nerfing will do more harm than good in the long run, and it ends up not affecting game balance.
  7. Strangledome picking up enemies from below it makes this change really awful. It sticks enemies in unreachable areas.
  8. Absolutely. I always liked Khora for being so versatile, and then you realise her kit inherently pushes towards using a statstick because otherwise you have no damage. Then you end up with having such a dull weapon loadout. I'd gladly sacrifice my fancy riven for having a separate mod loadout for the melee weapon. This nerf pushes her further towards ungabunga whipclaw spam, which is such a sad way to play her.
  9. I wish for one day a world where pseudo-exalted weapons are abolished, so Khora, Gara, and Atlas can all use real exalted weapons like all other frames. Thus eliminating the problem that people who spend ungodly amounts of forma and kuva on getting a ridiculous stat stick are the only ones who can play a frame at the level they are judged by. Sure, I am one of those people and I hit for massive amounts from the start; to the point where I don't bother with combo multipliers because it's not worth the effort. But then you take away the melee weapon and the frame is downright useless. The proble
  10. It really is a shame. It's not like this nerf affects her damage output in an endless farm anyway; it only affects normal use. It really is the worst kind of nerf that both impedes the average player but doesn't meaningfully address what it is trying to control.
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