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  1. After testing a bunch of weapons and trying to figure out their builds, I realized that Condition Overload pretty much makes other base damage mods (Pressure Point) a waste of a mod slot and an undesirable stat in rivens, even with around 20% status chance, if your attack speed is fast enough. Same thing with Blood Rush and other critical chance mods, there's just no point in adding 88% more crit chance from Sacrificial Steel, when you have 720% from BR. As others said, making CO be additive with itself was a good idea, but it still should apply to total damage instead of base damage. Same with BR, make it apply after other crit chance mods, but make it scale linearly instead of exponentially.
  2. That's a pretty good idea, right now heavy attacks are just boring charged swings with increased damage, which I've found not really worth using, even with mods for it, simple attacking still beat them in dps. And why leave it at that? Maybe heavy attacks could even be some sort of special ability unique to a weapon class. Staves and polearms could have a room cleaning spin with increased range, similar to Wukong's Defy. Claws could have an attack that makes you jump at an enemy that's closest to your crosshair and deal massive damage with increased crit and increased frontal cone range or something. Fist and sparring weapons could have a kinetic punch similar to Arca Plasmor like weapons or Baruuk's fist attacks. Whips could have a sweeping attack that pulls enemies together or applies bleed. Nikanas could have a forward charging slice through enemies attack etc.
  3. I think the combos in stances still need a bit of work, some of them don't fit their supposed role, like stationary combos should make you stationary, but they move you forward so you tend to miss your enemy (e.g.Malicious Raptor, especially with really high attack speed), or the forward combos still restrict your movement too much (e.g. Cleaving Whirlwind). I think the basic combos (no movement and forward movement) should have only upper body animations, which would result in completely unrestricted movement, and keep the specialized right click combos as they are. Shimmering Blight does this and it's pretty nice, even though it only has two attacks in its basic combo and doesn't have a stationary special I think. This would also probably result in some unused animations, but those could probably be used for new stances.
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