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  1. I wanted to test the weapon when using the crew, but after the appearance, he did nothing, stood and waited for him to leave for 3 minutes.
  2. When I kill with a secondary weapon on a k-drive (Kill 20 Enemies while riding a K-Drive), it does not count as a kill with a secondary weapon in Kill 150 Enemies with a Secondary Weapon Also, when shooting from a K-drive, I hardly see the scope, because the warframe is obscures it (Crosshair for shooting on k-drive is a tiny dot in the center of the screen)
  3. Add the ability to share ship configuration by link [Mod Config], similar to weapons, frames and guards, and etc
  4. Tiker is advanced and can persuade the corpus and grineer to join us on RJ. It would be especially interesting to get a nullifier in crew. ps sentient individuals of the infected or renegades with reason could also come to Tiker to recruit team
  5. Can I terminate the pardoned lich contract to make slot for purchase of a character from the Tiker? Because a i have 10+ liches, but only 1 can be defender
  6. 1. It would be nice not just to assign one role, but also an additional one. For example, someone who shoots with cannons can switch to the Tunguska cannon. The engineer repairs only if there is a problem, the rest of the time performs a more priority role, and does not run uselessly around the ship, tumbling and jumping up and down (for example, protecting or shooting from turrets). 2. I was surprised by the ship's defenders when they look at enemies for 2-3 seconds before each shot in order to understand it's friend or foe. This delay costs them their lives. A similar option was when
  7. Nekramechs could be summoned on regular missions and also on boarding enemy bases and ships on missions Railjack. It is possible, as an option, to launch it by attaching an archwing for flights outside the ship
  8. Captura for Railjack (we can make battle screenshot) It can also be used as entries for some in-game competition. For example:
  9. Thermia Fractures rewards, then I would like to buy it from Simaris, if got 100 points but sell or deleted: amalgam mods, Opticor Vandal. ps just as you got Excalibur Umbra mods from quests with the ability to buy them from Simaris Thermia Fractures 5 Points: Operation Buried Debts Emblem 25 Points:  Amalgam Shotgun Spazz and Amalgam Serration 50 Points: Amalgam Barrel Diffusion and Amalgam Organ Shatter 75 Points: Operation Buried Debts Sigil 100 Points: Opticor Vandal (Includes weapon slot and pre-installed Orokin Catalyst)
  10. Because I don't want to waste time on the way to them Also how it is implemented for the cephalon and a number of other NPC (Non-Player Character)
  11. How about add fast travel to Maroo, Baro Ki'teer and syndicats on relay? Mausolon comes with necramech, if by some accident I deleted it, then I would like to buy it from Loid, and not collect another necromech just because of Mausolon There is a mod to dig for the dog, why not expand it and allow the dog to mine ore?
  12. A separate sortie or one of missions in current one
  13. Perhaps this is not relevant, but I liked the battle of tennocon 2019 and the way the enemy ship collapsed, as if you were involved in a battle, after watching this video, several ideas for missions appeared 1. Delivery of goods 2. Escort in space 3. Missions with shootouts between enemies (for example: corpus vs grineer) 4. Missions where we help allies (Cetus, Fortuna, Entrati, Duck, etc) 5. Missions where the allies help us, for example, we capture some positions on the battlefield, and the allies there deploy a base and begin to send constant support. 6. Sabotage involving enem
  14. 1. A Tutorial mission for new players. A preparatory flight to explain each role in the team and the opportunity to try it out before you understand what you really need and what role in the team suits you best Similar to the current quest for the warframe, where he awakens, learns to jump, run, shoot, hit, crouch, etc. 2. Railjack our home - As far as I remember the statements of the cephalon, railjack is a living ship and our home, it grows and develops with us, but at the same time it does not have a single living room for staff, it lacks everything that is in the orbiter and th
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