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  1. So Im trying to rank up in nightwave, and DE just released episode 5 of the Glassmaker. Any idea how long before Nightwave becomes intermission?
  2. I have the problem sometimes too. Usually downloading something like a 9MB hotfix would take long because my net speed was like 10 KB/s(thats not my ususal internet speed, mind you). I switched my network from WiFi to a mobile data hotspot and magically, I started getting 5 MB/s. So have you tried switching your network? It might help
  3. I recently had this problem too. Im not sure if this will help but I noticed that my launcher took around 30-40 mins to find a 10mb update. My WiFi is usually pretty fast so yeah, it was wierd. I switched to mobile data that had a similar internet speed as my WiFi and the launcher found and completed the 10mb update in around a couple of minutes. So maybe try switching to another internet connection and see if it works
  4. Im not really an expert at this sort of stuff but I guess you could report him Warframe veterans, what do you think?
  5. This might help you I guess:https://kidshealth.org/en/teens/simulator-sickness.html#:~:text=Yes.,video games cause motion sickness.
  6. TL;DR Its a 6 GB update to trim 6GB(or possibly more) storage taken up by the game
  7. Ha, nice! Tennocon happened around midnight in my country so I couldn't watch it so I was a little disappointed but then I was confused when I had Hydroid Prime and the Athodai in my inventory the next day lol Anyways, once again, thank you everyone for your suggestions! Much appreciated! Stay safe, everyone
  8. Oh yes, I neary forgot that he came with a orokin reactor! Definetley another reason to keep him :)
  9. Well, looks like I'll keep Hydroid Prime. Hopefully a rework comes(fingers crossed). Thanks everyone for the suggestions!
  10. Well, like not selling for platinum I mean, like I could go to my inventory and just sell him for credits
  11. Hey everyone! So I have a Hydroid Prime(Thank you Tennocon 2020), and I realized I don't use him a lot after I got him to max rank. I want to build more warframes but Im kinda low on platinum for the timebeing so I was thinking about selling Hydroid Prime for a free warframe slot. Is it a good idea to sell him or not?And if not,why?
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