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  1. Hey there

    Got your PM. You can grab my latest config here http://www.mediafire.com/download/34i59b3se8tn30v/ARMA_3_SweetFX.zip


    just dump everything there into your main warframe folder were the warframe.exe lives. 

    NOTE: This is setup for x64 version of Warframe. Let me know if you are on 32-bit version.

    Great thanks. Nope x64, also this says Arma3



    Off that subject I'm wondering how to make my own custom settings. Is there a base template? 

  2. One significant Update:


    Dev has confirmed the following to be the latest information on how to Rank up individual Abilities:


    Abilities will now increase in rank as you rank up your Warframe. It is no longer based on per-ability usage, but occurs passively as your Warframe increases in rank. 


    Before and now obsolete:

    The ‘Rank’ of Warframe Abilities will now be determined by your use of any given ability. Simply put: Using Abilities earns XP/Affinity toward that Ability to rank it up!


    Let’s use Banshee as an example:

    A Banshee player begins a mission with an unranked Sonic Boom. Banshee casts Sonic Boom 10 times in that mission, ranking the Ability from unranked to Rank 1. The journey to Rank 2 will involve more use of this Ability,.

    Yay! This makes me less concerned about the update. Any info on the passive leveling? As in what rank are all your abilities maxed?

  3. I am expecting an overload for U15. Like U15 comes, and it be A TON OF STUFF. Especially since they haven't given us anything in awhile now. Except fixes. Expectations for U15 have increased.

    You said it bud.

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