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  1. Hey there

    Got your PM. You can grab my latest config here http://www.mediafire.com/download/34i59b3se8tn30v/ARMA_3_SweetFX.zip


    just dump everything there into your main warframe folder were the warframe.exe lives. 

    NOTE: This is setup for x64 version of Warframe. Let me know if you are on 32-bit version.

    Great thanks. Nope x64, also this says Arma3



    Off that subject I'm wondering how to make my own custom settings. Is there a base template? 

  2. What if the Corpus are Tenno? Some that avoke before and that could not use all the tech? Now they try to get hold of the rest of their bretheren but they won't join them? Far fetched as hell but lets Explore all possibilities.



    It's an idea but I would think not. It seems to me that the Corpus almost worship technology, The Orokin were extremely advanced obviously because they were able to create things like the Warframes and we all know those are quite technologically advanced. 


    The Corpus, Grineer and Tenno are all human. What we call the Tenno are humans who were part of the Tenno, a group of advanced warriors founded by Hayden Tenno from Dark Sector. The Grineer are diluted humans, their DNA decaying resulting in deformities.

  3. I think the Tenno are very susceptible to the will of others. Think about it, the Tenno have no memory of the Orokin era nor their true purpose in the age they are in now. Whoever takes them out of their pod has almost complete freedom to tell the Tenno a complete lie and control him/her. 


    Take the Stalker for example. The Stalker could have been awoken by some other faction/being to carry on their will - kill the Tenno and avenge fallen bosses. This is just a thought, Alad V might have the same idea. If he can awaken Tenno in cryostasis he can warp their minds into thinking the Lotus controlled Tenno are corrupted etc. If other factions control Tenno themselves we could have more enemies much like the Stalker. 

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