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  1. Please DE. Why did you force new change with glass on Gara mains. Just add toggle for 2nd ability glass removing! I'm Gara main 55% usage on non prime Gara and can't get used to this change. It was also indicating if ability was active rather than looking on cooldowns. With or without glass, Gara is good for fashion and players shouldn't be forced. Some syndanas don't look good because glass clips trough (in my opinion) so it looked cleaner with 2nd ability active.
  2. Second ability removing glass on Gara should be toggle feature!
  3. I have a question: Will there be more railjack modes like for example railjack survival endless fighters and crewship spawning and scaling levels. Also why are there no orokin or corrupted fighters in void storms it would be more fun!
  4. Thank you! All tho Orm fighers still doesn't exist in veil proxima there are only Orm crewship and Orm Gox
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