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  1. In solo matchmaking, pressing escape pauses the AI but the timer for the game mode continues.
  2. I agree. This skin very much matches my tastes but I really don't see where this syandana fits with this theme. An unfortunate missed opportunity.
  3. Feedback : Now that I am used to the new quick switching and it is part of my gameplay, I was very surpsised when I equipped a weapon with an alternative fire to see that the alternative fire key doesn't switch back to my primary weapon. Given that this key doesn't have any use for melee, it feels like switching back to the main weapon would be the expected behaviour. Also as a suggestion : the game currently uses horizontal arcs or discs in front / around the frame for melee attacks which makes it frustrating to hit either flying ennemies or ennemies in stairs / slopes. Having a directional arc / disc that tilts based on the player's aim would be a good QOL change for me.
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