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  1. Hey there! This bit of text is copied from @MirageKnight post on the last Plains of Eidolon hotfix update. I hope you guys can take his points into consideration and address them during the Devstream. Improvements and fixes are always (and should be) appreciated when they arrive. That being said, the following is a reminder that there are still no fixes / solutions for the following bugs and issues that have been observed: - Arch-guns being largely mediocre in comparison to regular ranged weapons. - Nekros Shadows being affected by Renewal, thus posing a massive and unreasonable energy drain on Oberon players. - Broken firing animations for Phaedra when used as a Heavy Weapon. - Broken animations for Grattler in general. - Broken animations for Atlas' "robes": The left one tends to bunch up and push to one side when large, bulky primary weapons (like Ogris and Plasmor) are equipped. - Broken animations and fx / sfx for Sarpa if attack speed is too high. - Vauban and Wukong being generally boring and almost completely out-classed by meta DPS Frames such as Saryn, Mesa, Volt, Equinox, etc. - Saryn, Mesa, Volt, Equinox and Mag still being non-coop friendly by being able to completely dominate / nuke small defense maps with ridiculous ease. Being able to grab 200+ kills by Wave 5 on Hydron mostly with abilities while the rest of the squad gets 50 or less kills each is NOT balanced. We want to play and participate, not be bored to tears because someone decided to delete most of the enemies for us with an OP ability. - The Wolf of Saturn Six being a boring bullet-sponge and gear-check enemy that punishes players for head-shotting and who rewards us with a subpar drop table that has mods you can easily get anywhere else. Likewise, having the three Fugitives that accompany him staying invincible as long as the Wolf is still fighting is an arguably TERRIBLE design, especially considering that it can take some players up to 20-30 minutes to kill the Wolf himself. - Arguably terrible pacing and lackluster rewards for Arbitrations. - Nightwave failing to truly respect player time and commitment and being geared towards players with far too much free-time. - Host Migrations NOT pausing the game. This has been an issue for years and it can be game-breaking. - Energy colors being bugged / broken for certain Warframes, accessories, and abilities. Also, it would be really appreciated if you all could: - Allow us to, if possible, opt out of certain Warframe abilities (such as Volt's Speed and Limbo's Rift portals) by default via a game preference toggle. We can turn off Octavia's sounds for other players because of how intrusive they can be. Why not potentially intrusive abilities? - Give us manual blocking options back for melee. Because 1. stances and a couple of mods use blocking and 2. auto-blocking can be really inconvenient and irritating. - Make Ogris fun again and give it a semi-auto trigger. Make the rockets only detonate after they've traveled 6m (at least), for obvious safety reasons. - Bring back regular Alerts for players that either can't or don't want to deal with Nightwave. We players appreciate having options. - Lower the credit cost to build Ephemera to 10k credits and drop the resource costs by 90%. Also, lower the grind needed to get the things. It's a cosmetic item that does nothing but leave footprints / trails that disappear after a few seconds. Thanks for reading.
  2. Will the Nidus Tennogen skins be in the next round?
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