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  1. I’ve only encountered him once, took maybe 10min but I was alone. He went down easy enough considering I had to contend with a room of mobs and his deciples. Used Ash Prime with an Arca Plasmor - probably not spelled right - but Ash’s Invis lets him fire a gun with out giving him up. I’d melee everyone else, with hunter adrenaline on to keep my abilities up. Just got to find the right combo... I typically don’t run the arca on Ash, just lazy when I switched characters, would love to do the fight with a non invis character though 😉
  2. Awesome, thanks the update! Seems like DE is full steam ahead on Warframe this year - can’t wait!
  3. Actually pretty pleased with this! I’ve been wanting a Frost prime for a while now - not that I play him too much these days, but the Glaive prime is my must have!
  4. This has got to be the first update that didn’t crash the match I was in, so... progress 🙂
  5. New mods! Thank you! But as an Inaros player - and I’m not really complaining here - 75% chance seems pretty high since his 1 is kind of his bread and butter. But if you want to make us even more god -like... Sure, i’ll make room!
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