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  1. did not work, all i get is black screen if i replay mission, started happening today!
  2. when can we get multiple railjacks in missions , like a new game mode! as now each can have its own crew of npc
  3. Like the new look of the events and activities, how difficult would it be to add , tier of void fissure in the list, could be a mouse over like invasions, if it does not fit screen
  4. this is so dumb, there are so many times when i want to leave missions mid game, but there is no green way point , it is off the map and i have no idea where to go. it will only show up after certain progress on mission is made, like the next reward tier, but not in middle after you are done with it and tells you can go to extraction point
  5. how annoying is this crap, constantly happening ,specially in plains of eidelon and other open world zones
  6. that is so stuupid, why even have loading screens if they still load assets right at the start of mission,
  7. had same issue with territory control, searched and posts from 2018 came, up, guess they never intend to fix them, since its been a long time it has been reported! or they are simply unable to, at least they could replace those with some other mission if they cant do it.
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