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  1. I understand score beyond 27k is out of your comprehension since you have no idea what it takes, so you claim that anything beyond 27k is not possible. You can quabble all you want and with my run being legitimate DE would not care. Where are you even at in the Leaderboard?
  2. Here comes another one(no.10) out of blues solo scoring 30k, while we are sweating our way to score High.
  3. I remember it happened ones for me but I got an inbox with all the reward. You might have even got the rewards into your Inventory.
  4. Most of the time Profit taker crashes for me. Necramech goes mad when playing PT.
  5. There are lot of us chasing Orphix venom leaderboard and suddenly we see these people poping up on the top out of nowhere. Top 5 people are the ones who appeared one after the other and the scores are unbelievable for someone with such less experience and sentient kills. We believe they either went across unexpected bug or utilized the exploits. When will DE remove the names, we are here chasing the leaderboard and I don't want these people to demotivate the players or promote people to use expoilts.
  6. I changed my glyph in game but why is it not reflecting here? What should i do?
  7. Issue: When i try to transfer back into my warframe after exiting Nech is transporting my operator to Warframe location. Expected: Operator is supposed to summon warframe to the location where operator is. What Happened: Operator is getting transfered to where warframe is. This is slowing down the progress and i have to run all the way to the orphix room again from previous room.
  8. I guess its a PC related bug. I haven't faced it in console.
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