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  1. Out of all the amazing skins, you literally chose the worst ones? Time to skip another tennogen round. Really disappointing.
  2. What about actual rewards in the drop list to encourage people to stay after they've reached the score of 4000?
  3. The edge may be, but the rest feels like plastic to me, not really my style.
  4. Man... I love the concept of this skin, but the fact that the blade part isn't metallic is a deal killer for me... 😞
  5. By far one of the most underwhelming Prime Access. Little effort was put into Equinox and her WEAPONS, they look bland and unrefined. As for the accessories, they don't even match her. Guess I'll skip this time too.
  6. I'm sorry but who attacked you personally? You might be the one in need of a few sessions, getting that anger out, y'know.
  7. All jokes apart tho, can we get actual content and bug fixes?
  8. Still no tweaks toward Hildryn? Her 2's LoS is dumb, her 3 deals pitiful damage, and her 4, aside from being totally useless, doesn't allow us to restore out shield with 2.
  9. Not gonna lie, Equinox Prime and her accessories look very underwhelming compared to what we got in the last 2 prime access. Guess I'll stick to my Divisa skin and skip this prime access.
  10. I've been playing around with Hildryn for a couple of days, and I'll be really honest, at first I thought that this shield gating wouldn't work, but to my biggest surprise, it does! Although she does indeed need a few tweaks, she feels really fresh and engaging, so good job on that. Let's start with the passive: Really good as is. Gives her that much needed safety window in case she runs out of shields. I would personally give it a little cooldown, because of a certain specific build that can make her totally invincible, although at the cost of not being able to cast any ability. Anything between 5 and 10 seconds sounds fair. Now let's move on to her abilities: Balefire Teased as powerful and efficient, it sadly isn't. The drain is way too much for the result we get. Yes, it deals damage, but it still doesn't make up for it. I would rather use any of my equiped weapons instead. I'd suggest to reduce its drain, and speed up the charge rate. Shield Pillage Hildryn's bread and butter. We got it, she works around this ability. A well designed ability... that still needs some QoL tweaks. It's good in open worlds, but in closed spaces, not so much. The ability is sometimes clunky if the enemies are at a different height level than you, and most often than not, the enemies in front of you already got killed by your teammates, which is why I think the LoS should go away. To balance this change, the other abilities' drain could be increased, and SP's range reduced. Also, the casting animation, while being able to be cast mid-air, still takes too much time, leaving you vulnerable to enemies' incoming fire. I would suggest to either reduce its casting speed, make it a one handed cast ability or shortly stagger the affected enemies. Haven Overall, an amazing ability, that gives that well-rounded support touch to Hildryn's kit. With the sugested change to her Shield Pillage, I'd recommend to slightly increase the drain. Aegis Storm The black sheep of the group. Feels really underwhelming and overall, not what is expected of an utilmate ability. I'd start by adding a significant speed boost, since as of now it feels really slow, totally not how you'd imagine a jetpack, and the max ceiling should be adjusted in open worlds. Let us use Shield Pillage during this ability. Needless to say that without being able to use Shield Pillage, our shields just vanish in a few seconds. Tweak Balefire so it deals double the damage, and not be just a visual dual wielding. Leave the charge rate and drain as is, and drastically increase its explosion area. Finally, same as Shield Pillage's bug, enemies at a different height level aren't affected by it. Possible idea: let us use our weapons while using this ability? Visual Feedback Hildryn's Primary and Secondary color channels give a "washed out" effect to our colors, which isn't really aesthetically pleasing. The textures are pretty low quality (same problem as Mesa Prime when first released), this can easily be seen when using black colors. Also, some of her parts can't be colored at all. The Surator Syandana's Primary color channel darkens the color used, same problem for some parts of the Secondary color channel, turning bright white into grey.
  11. Nice! Will try to vote this time. Another question: Do you see yourself making another skin for a frame you've already worked on in the past? Or would you rather work on a frame that didn't receive the Hitsu treatment yet?
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