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  1. Honestly, Volt is pretty openly being used as a troll frame by some people modding for pure ability strength, he's become one of the most annoying people to see on a team.
  2. Nehza was already quite strong (in my opinion, criminally underrated), and I look forward to seeing many players re-discover him soon!
  3. I'm having a real good laugh at the people that actually thought there would be zero reward for this. A small bug report though, on spawning into the boss fight the game spawned me right into a wall. Luckly just walking forward I fell back into normal space. On the three assassins, I was getting them 100% of the time in Corprus vs. Grineer missions yesterday just by siding with Corprus, but apparently results may vary. Maybe it helps they'd already marked me for death. Overall a fairly simple event but I enjoyed it.
  4. I guess in a way I am kind of glad I wasn't finished farming for Revenant yet since with these changes I can safely ignore him, indefinitely, which means I am done having to deal with Plains' busted loading times for the forseeable future unless I need more Madurai lenses.
  5. Why are people trolling suggesting the new shotgun laser is anything other than a top tier weapon? Even the slightest testing would disprove most of the stuff said about it other than it not having infinite ammo like most guns in this game.
  6. Hey more Plains content great, can't wait for when the entire area actually runs properly on systems within a mile of the listed minimum system requirements so it's playable someday. Hard pass until then. It's not even a matter of "want" to play. It's an issue that the area is absurdly slow to load (if it loads at all) and has a straight up broken framerate.
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