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  1. General Feedback Thank you for bringing back Nightwave, however, given how things have panned out I want to quote myself from the last Nightwave Feedback thread and then expand on it a little bit: Rank Up System & Rewards: From the comments I've seen on the first few pages, getting to max rank isn't that big a deal to anyone, myself included. It really just is about how much time and energy you want to sink into the challenges and not everyone wants to do all the challenges. So eliminating the system and replacing it with something where players can purchase common resources with standing and exclusive rewards with credits from a set (possible MR-dependent) standing and credit pool seems like it'd be more in tune with how people play WF and how much attention they'd feel comfortable giving Nightwave. Credit & Standing Farming: giving people a way to hunt down invaders for credits and standing (like with beacons that can be bought with standing) and having the credits and standing scale with invader levels feels like it could be another catch-up mechanic and give people the option to get more credits and standing if they want to. Year Round Offerings & Exclusive, Seasonal Rewards: Based on DE's schedule with Tennocon as well as plans for future expansions, I feel like having normal year round offerings and then exclusive offerings that come with the different seasons/events will alleviate a lot the problems/stress Nightwave has been giving DE as well as their players. Many people have already said to keep up Nightwave year round, so I just wanted to chime in and point out that future delays will not be as big an issue if the rewards were divided up like this. Planned Evergreen Rewards Everything seems fine and reasonable except the 3 orokin cells, which can easily be gotten from running the boss fight in Ceres in a minute or so. I even got 5 orokin cells one run just due to speedrunning. I am pretty sure if you just replace it with like 5 nitain everyone will be happy.
  2. RELIC UI IMPROVEMENTS Thank you so much for the UI changes and letting us see what items we own without having to mouseover, but I am going to chime in with others and say I would really appreciate the relic reward test colors matching their rarity vs them all being the same color. "DOUBLE DIPPING" LOOT ABILITY FIX Other than the fact that the developers have mentioned revisiting the loot ability "fix" I haven't seen any more info coming out about them. I wrote a thread here and outlined points on what they need to work vs how they now synergize with each other and how it limits choices and playstyles when players want to go farming"
  3. I love working to make a team comp that works for this new mission type and also having to utilize arcanes and focus skill trees vs abilities, but I feel like there are some issues that cause it to encourage a certain tank/damage/melee meta to avoid headaches versus encouraging teamwork and skill synergization. Visual Effects/Sensory Overload: Between nullifier bubbles, glowing bombs, conduits turning on, glowing amalgams, colorful markers, shield tethers, other tethers, and enemies blending into the scenery—there is just way too much going on and it makes this game mode amazingly inaccessible to people with visual and hearing disabilities as well as people who are easily oversensitized. Remove Regular Nullifier Enemies: I don't usually mind them, but between nullifier/electricitified/energy drain conduits, visual effects of conduits turning on, and glowing demolysts—they give me headaches, visual fatigue and make the HUD impossible to focus on. I have learned how to avoid them and shoot them down so they only bug me when I have to waste ammo to make sure they don't obscure my view—which starts to happen A LOT if you stay a while. Simplify Conduit Markers and Key Matching: I feel like all inactive conduits should just be grey and all the active conduits should be yellow, or a unique color/shape. Or just yellow with the shape. Keys can be blue dots on the overlay map and yellow boxes onscreen (like normal mobile defense) and you can use any key with any conduit. This reduces visual clutter and also makes it so people who are color blind or can't perceive color well don't have to play the "what's that color?" game or get confused when a conduit gets activated on the other side of the map and it's marker disappears. And yes I know the keys have shapes as well, but with all the visual clutter it's not that easy to discern the shapes from each other. And on that note... Change the Red Conduit Marker: Due to the visual clutter on the HUD I often use the overlay map to navigate and find enemies… but red enemy markers, the red demolysts marker, AND the red conduit marker ALWAYS gets me turned around and confused. Please change the color to something other than red or make conduits grey while inactive grey and yellow while active. Demolysts & Audio Cues: with all the visual sensory overload there is no way I am ever going to be able refocus away from the light show to focus on the audio cues. There is no logical reason as to why they should be Ivara, Ash, Wisp or Loki levels of sneaky. I feel like either they should be squishy nullifier enemies you have to search for or tanky status-removing enemies that have markers the moment they spawn. I'd prefer the latter, even if the nullifier burst bubble stayed, cus it'd make the game more accessible to deaf people, people with hearing issues, or people who can't juggle all the sensory information all the time (like me). Conduit Locations vs Tilesets: this mission type and its conduit locations are best suited to open/outdoor/large room tilesets connected by open air catwalks and stairways that allow players to parkour everywhere to escape mobs and to get a birds eye view of everything. The cramped spaces and hallways some conduits are located in exponentially increase the visual clutter of glowy abilities, glowy mobs and multicolored markers. If you want to prevent CC spamband let people have fun hunting/chasing demolysts, just separate tilesets by glass wall, which partitions the room WITHOUT decreasing visability and increasing visual clutter. Rewards: Endurance runs in this game mode encourage use of arcanes, focus trees, kitguns, zaws, well forma-ed weapons, and endgame builds and skills, yet it gives no endgame rewards. Remove hexanon and replace with a nice chunk of Endo, a modest amount of kuva and/or a bit of toroids or something. I feel like there should also be Axis AND Neos on rotation C This game mode has a lot of potential to be fun and it's almost a new endless favorite after excavations for me—but I can't handle the sensory overload and the rewards aren't worth goofing around the mode for when I have other stuff to grind, so I usually avoid it.
  4. I love that Nightwave rewards new players with essential resources for learning more and understanding the game without disrupting their gameplay while also giving mid-game and end-game players a chance to get faster access to those rewards and exclusive rewards, but I think locking wolf credits behind ranking up 30 times, and a 60-70% completion rate for challenges that players are worried about feeling like a chore, is a recipe for burnout and is pitting new, old, casual, and endurance players against each other in a system that was supposed to eliminate the lack of availability of old alert rewards. I think this issue could be fixed with the following: Eliminate the 30 Rank system in favor of a set standing and credit pool with challenges and invaders awarding Nightwave Credits and standing that scale up with invader level and challenge difficulty (e.g. level 15 invaders drop 15 credits and 150 standing, level 75 drops 75 and 750 standing, etc) All rank up awards become one-time purchasable offerings. If people are worried about certain rewards (umbral forma, kuva) going to people who haven’t done certain quests (The Sacrifice, The War Within) then lock those rewards behind quest completion requirements. EDIT: content could also be locked behind the credit pool increasing with more mastery ranks like how void traces work. So MR3 players with a small credit pool can't access kuva and umbral forma when they're at their max amount of credits. Give end/mid-game players a fun/interesting/exciting way to sift through Nightwave lore and then use that knowledge to hunt down invaders for extra Nightwave Credits and standing. Keep Nightwave year round with two types of rewards: Normal Rewards: rewards that can be bought with standing and are always available via weekly rotations (like nitain, aura mods, helmet cosmetics, and maybe potatoes) Seasonal Rewards: seasonal/exclusive offerings that can be purchased once (umbral forma and cosmetics) or multiple times (like potatoes) with nightwave credits I feel like these suggestions are more in tune to how people play Warframe and also gives people the flexibility to get the rewards they want and do challenges they want to do without demanding they burn themselves out to get them. Warframe just is not suited to a Battle Pass system like this because there’s so much to and so much to grind whereas other games, that are suited to a Battle Pass system, only have one thing for players to do and rewards them for mixing up that one task a little bit. Nightwave really could be amazing, and I prefer it to the old alerts, but right now all I see it doing is driving a wedge into the community and burning people out on the game. I have several veteran friends who haven’t even touched the game since Nightwave started, or they are avoiding it until it ends, and so I don’t know if/when they’re coming back. Right now, Nightwave justs feels like a whole other job and none of us are getting paid for it.
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