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  1. As the title states, Ivara cannot hit herself with her navigator projectiles (particularly useful would be her Cloak arrow, but other projectiles cannot hit yourself either)
  2. #1808639 Unreachable rare object spawn location in Void Sabotage - Earth connector tile
  3. Getting stuck on the Ropalolyst fight, with the Synovia refusing to acknowledge getting broken Also getting placed into my frame when voiddashing into the ropalolyst, and it can grab my operator while in voidmode
  4. I don't see a fix towards Vazarin Void Blast not working
  5. Fuuryuu

    Warframe Builder

    Now that we can get Umbral Forma in the not-so-far future, I would like to request the addition of Umbral polarities to frames that are not Excalibur Umbra EDIT: I have figured out that you can make a build on Excalibur Umbra and transfer the entire build including polarities to another frame. However, that brings me to a different suggestion: Allow us to view stats with Pax Bolt's buff active. I can simulate the power strength using ally Power Donation, however we can't simulate Bolt + 3 PD this way
  6. Can you tell us what the issue was?
  7. I am unable to equip echolures to my gearwheel
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