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  1. In update 25.3.2 the "Added a new Plains Assassinate Bounty Bonus Objective of ‘Draw out the target within one minute for bonus’. More bonuses to come after further testing." Isn't working, I've ran the mission 3 times and there was no bonus after completion if the bonus objective.
  2. I don't think the bonus for cetus is working, just did two of the missions and did the bonus objective and didn't receive an extra reward.
  3. I mean personally with an update so large I think that they will make a teaser website and start telling gaming journalist that the update is about to drop so people who have dropped off or new players hear about warframe's newest update. So I think it might drop next week, even if deep down I want it tomorrow.
  4. Can't wait, love this game and have been playing since 2013!
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