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  1. Which all get closed out. I just can't see why they continue with the drop systems when it's obviously still broken. If it doesn't work for everyone, it's broken.
  2. That's great, but I only do Xbox and PS4 and I haven't touched my Xbox account in ages except to check if the drop went there. So it was a no for both accounts. It seems, though, that they still haven't fixed the drops issue when people are still saying they didn't get the drops from last night. So good on them for that down time fixing it, I guess.
  3. That's their new temporary carrot. Instead of putting it all in a post somewhere, they would rather try to tease it out for a stream view or two. I get them being excited for the new content, I am excited. I don't dislike this game, otherwise I wouldn't be as insistant as I am about this, but they really need to do some housekeeping first before play time. Eat the veggies before they get to dessert. Put your house in order already. The stopping of drops until they get the fix, which is obviously on their end by this point despite all that support said after Tennocon, should have been done last year during the issue with Ash. It's like we've been beta testing drops.
  4. "Sure thing, but first, let's talk about all the new things coming with Empyrean and about Wukong's Deluxe skin. Oh, well, that's the stream. See you later."
  5. Too bad they couldn't have started that after Tennocon LAST YEAR. I'm no developer, but I think that that has been a long time coming, right? Community has been having issues with consistent drops for a damn long while now.
  6. If they refused to offer drops, then there wouldn't be a need for people to watch at the time of streaming, which gives them ad revenue. Without that carrot to dangle, people would just get the Youtube video highlights and their precious 1 Million followers goal would get further from their grasp. Besides, you want to hear about all the cool stuff coming our way, not worry about the past. That's old news, right? I'm with you, by the way. I removed myself from following since I got shafted after Tennocon. I continuously hope in vain to see some fix to the unreceived drops, but by this point, with their attitude on the matter, it's something we will never see. They got what they needed out of us.
  7. I don't think they will ever address it, much less fix it and do what is right. They'll likely close this thread before too long, anyways. As much as I hate it, we just flat lost this one. I've sent messages to multiple people and still haven't been given the time of day. Bad enough we got the mods coming through closing the threads when we talk about the lost drops. It's not coincidence, for sure, there are other threads from past Prime Times and devstreams that are still open, just nothing happening in them. Oddly enough, the ones that get locked are the ones where we ask about "You-know-what".
  8. Fair enough. But its a two way street. Being ignored, and I don't count the posts about the drop fix being thrown out into the wild as engagement with the community, and then eventually, after proof that there was indeed issue on their end with the drops, being told its your fault you didn't get your investment, tends to rub a consumer the wrong way, wouldn't you agree? Continued silence, three weeks of it, is also not a strong showing of confidence, either. I have been sarcastic and snide, but they ignored me when I wasn't as well.
  9. That would be a perfect world, wouldn't it? But they HAVE known about this issue for a while. And they ask you to go to supporr with your issues, which seems reasonable. So what do you propose we do in this utopian dream when support blames the person coming for help? When the drops are reported to be faulty, even admitted to by the devs, what should we do then? Smile and say its okay?
  10. Couldn't summon up the will to watch last night's stream, but if that is what they said it's practically gospel, right? Guess I can watch the forums after tonight and see how good a job DE did for distribution. I mean, I only put in the code when it aired and got nothing from it.
  11. Thread isn't locked yet so I'm just going to ask: Why is the Twitch/Mixer drop system such an utter waste of time? Any plans on even talking about it or we just going to keep ignoring the problem? I'll take my answer off the air. Thanks.
  12. So if that is the case, and there have been people complaining on here for a good long while now about how terrible the drop system is, would it not stand to reason that DE knew about it, yet still chose to offer them as a drop? Why would they barrel on ahead, knowing that the system was broken? Would it not be easier to pawn off your broken system as the player's failure instead by saying they just didn't have a good connection?
  13. Hey! Those failed promises are our faults for not being connected properly. At least, that's what support insists. Better luck next time?
  14. Bingo on the last bit, just not the fixing part. Or an alternative method.
  15. I think they said only the Prime Times would be for the missed Simaris codes, but if that isn't the case, then yes on the glyph for this devstream today. Of course, when that drop goes belly up, inevitably, we can see how it all shakes out. The code during Tennocon was supposed to award both the display and the glyph, but they admitted that was a foul-up too, and so those who input the code when it first debuted will have to watch again to get what they should have the first time.
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