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  1. Yeah. I'd guess The Railjack update + 4 hotfixes were enough to put together & send it to cert lol I think we'll get more hotfixes then lol
  2. I've never bought a Prime Access before. When i got my Mesa Prime Access, i won it from Megan's Xbox stream. I think i'll spend some money for the very first time to buy this.
  3. Prime Times are the best, even though they are always at 2am my time lol
  4. I know, right? I mean it's a free Warframe slot , if you don't like the regular ember lol
  5. This is the most pointless topic here... Complaining about FREE stuff? Are you serious? lol
  6. CLEM! GRAKATA! Can't wait for that inbox gift + my Kuva Dubba Stubba
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