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  1. Sounds fun, but i bet the community could come up with some great lines 😄 I mean those shanty's on Prime Time were great! Tells so much about the creativity of tennos...
  2. Hey DE, you should make a contest where the community can come up with new stuff for ordis to say. Like new puns for example.
  3. As the title suggests, i'd love to have platinum discounts on various collections if i have some items from that specific collection already. Small discounts, but discounts anyways.
  4. Yeah. I'd guess The Railjack update + 4 hotfixes were enough to put together & send it to cert lol I think we'll get more hotfixes then lol
  5. I've never bought a Prime Access before. When i got my Mesa Prime Access, i won it from Megan's Xbox stream. I think i'll spend some money for the very first time to buy this.
  6. Prime Times are the best, even though they are always at 2am my time lol
  7. CLEM! GRAKATA! Can't wait for that inbox gift + my Kuva Dubba Stubba
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